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Collapsing Wormholes Sustained by Dustlike Matter

Universe 2020, 6(10), 186;
Reviewer 1: Anonymous
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Universe 2020, 6(10), 186;
Received: 14 September 2020 / Accepted: 8 October 2020 / Published: 18 October 2020

Round 1

Reviewer 1 Report

The paper is clearly written and the calculations appear to be  correct.

With the exception of the matching along the timelike hypersurface containing the throat of the wormhole, they are based on well known textbook material

.For this reason I have rated the originality/novelty  average.

A reader's interest and comprehension might be aided if a Carter-Penrose diagram of the spacetime showing the the continuation of the event horizons of the two external Schwarzschild regions into the interior matter region were supplied. 

In fact the full solution , if continued into the past would be  time symmetric and contains both a black hole  and a white hole. 

I doubt whether result would be found unexpected by many readers. It challenges no deeply held beliefs about gravitational   collapse and it is difficult t to see how the situation represented  by the solution could arise in any astrophysically interesting  situation.

Quiet apart from the well known difficulties associated with   with the naked singularities, the initial data looks extremely contrived since its construction relies  heavily on the symmetry between the two sides of the wormhole. This is a sort of "pre-established harmony" which is difficult to believe exists in the real world.

For this reason I have rated the significance and interest to readers low.

However that is a personal judgement and as id clear from the  the authors'  from list of references the literature  on wormholes is extensive.





Reviewer 2 Report

In this article the authors explore the Tolman solutions describing the collapse of a dust ball identifying the conditions under which a specific class of

those solutions corresponds to a dynamical wormhole. An interesting feature is that the matter content satisfy the energy conditions even at the throat.

Apparently, the price to pay is that the resulting configuration collapses to a singularity in a finite proper time for a comoving observer.

On the other hand, the collapse lasts an infinite time for an observer at infinity. In spite of some small misprints, I found the paper well written and the

analysis made is quite interesting. Hence, I am happy to recommend the publication of the article.

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