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Tuberculosis Biomarkers: From Diagnosis to Protection

Delia Goletti
Elisa Petruccioli
Simone A. Joosten
2 and
Tom H.M. Ottenhoff
Translational Research Unit, Department of Epidemiology and Preclinical Research, National Institute for Infectious Diseases, L. Spallanzani, Rome, Italy
Department of Infectious Diseases, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Infect. Dis. Rep. 2016, 8(2), 6568;
Submission received: 29 April 2016 / Revised: 29 April 2016 / Accepted: 29 April 2016 / Published: 24 June 2016


New approaches to control tuberculosis (TB) worldwide are needed. In particular, new tools for diagnosis and new biomarkers are required to evaluate both pathogen and host key elements of the response to infection. Non-sputum based diagnostic tests, biomarkers predictive of adequate responsiveness to treatment, and biomarkers of risk of developing active TB disease are major goals. Here, we review the current state of the field. Although reports on new candidate biomarkers are numerous, validation and independent confirmation are rare. Efforts are needed to reduce the gap between the exploratory up-stream identification of candidate biomarkers, and the validation of biomarkers against clear clinical endpoints in different populations. This will need a major commitment from both scientists and funding bodies.
Keywords: Tuberculosis; biomarkers Tuberculosis; biomarkers

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Goletti, D.; Petruccioli, E.; Joosten, S.A.; Ottenhoff, T.H.M. Tuberculosis Biomarkers: From Diagnosis to Protection. Infect. Dis. Rep. 2016, 8, 6568.

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Goletti D, Petruccioli E, Joosten SA, Ottenhoff THM. Tuberculosis Biomarkers: From Diagnosis to Protection. Infectious Disease Reports. 2016; 8(2):6568.

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Goletti, Delia, Elisa Petruccioli, Simone A. Joosten, and Tom H.M. Ottenhoff. 2016. "Tuberculosis Biomarkers: From Diagnosis to Protection" Infectious Disease Reports 8, no. 2: 6568.

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