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Alberta CancerBridges Development of a Care Plan Evaluation Measure

Univ Calgary, Dept Oncol, Div Psychosocial Oncol, Calgary, AB, Canada
Alberta Hlth Serv, Tom Baker Canc Ctr, Psychosocial Resources, Calgary, AB, Canada
Univ Manitoba, Dept Family Med, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Univ Calgary, Tom Baker Canc Ctr, Dept Oncol, Calgary, AB, Canada
Alberta Hlth Serv, Palliat Consult Serv Calgary Zone Urban, Calgary, AB, Canada
Tom Baker Canc Clin, Dept Radiat Oncol, Head & Neck Tumour Grp, Calgary, AB, Canada
Alberta Hlth Serv Canc Care, CBCP, Community Oncol, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Univ Alberta, Cross Canc Inst, Dept Oncol, Div Med Oncol, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Breast Canc Support Care Fdn, Calgary, AB, Canada
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Curr. Oncol. 2018, 25(1), 59-72;
Submission received: 3 November 2017 / Revised: 9 December 2017 / Accepted: 13 January 2018 / Published: 1 February 2018


Background: No standardized measures specifically assess cancer survivors’ and healthcare providers’ experience of Survivor Care Plans (SCPS). We sought to develop two care plan evaluation (CPE) measures, one for survivors (CPE-S) and one for healthcare providers (CPE-P), examine initial psychometric qualities in Alberta, and assess generalizability in Manitoba, Canada. Methods: We developed the initial measures using convenience samples of breast (n = 35) and head and neck (n = 18) survivors who received scps at the end of active cancer-centre treatment. After assessing Alberta’s scp concordance with Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations using a published coding scheme, we examined psychometric qualities for the CPE-S and CPE-P. We examined generalizability in Manitoba, Canada, with colorectal survivors discharged to primary care providers for follow-up (n = 75). Results: We demonstrated acceptable internal consistency for the cpe-s and cpe-p subscales and total score after eliminating one item per subscale for cpe-s, two for cpe-p, resulting in revised scales with four 7-item and 6-item subscales, respectively. Subscale scores correlated highly indicating that for each measure the total score may be the most reliable and valid. We provide initial cpe-s discriminant, convergent, and predictive validity using the total score. Using the Manitoba sample, initial psychometrics similarly indicated good generalizability across differences in tumour groups, scp, and location. Conclusions: We recommend the revised cpe-s and cpe-p for further use and development. Studies documenting the creation and standardization of scp evaluations are few, and we recommend further development of patient experience measures to improve both clinical practice and the specificity of research questions.
Keywords: care plans; survivorship; distress screening; breast cancer; head and neck cancer; oncology care plans; survivorship; distress screening; breast cancer; head and neck cancer; oncology

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Giese-Davis, J.; Sisler, J.; Zhong, L.; Brandelli, Y.; McCormick, J.L.; Railton, C.; Shirt, L.; Lau, H.; Hao, D.; Chobanuk, J.; et al. Alberta CancerBridges Development of a Care Plan Evaluation Measure. Curr. Oncol. 2018, 25, 59-72.

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Giese-Davis J, Sisler J, Zhong L, Brandelli Y, McCormick JL, Railton C, Shirt L, Lau H, Hao D, Chobanuk J, et al. Alberta CancerBridges Development of a Care Plan Evaluation Measure. Current Oncology. 2018; 25(1):59-72.

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Giese-Davis, J., J. Sisler, L. Zhong, Y. Brandelli, J.L. McCormick, C. Railton, L. Shirt, H. Lau, D. Hao, J. Chobanuk, and et al. 2018. "Alberta CancerBridges Development of a Care Plan Evaluation Measure" Current Oncology 25, no. 1: 59-72.

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