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Misleading Reference

Peter Harremoës
Copenhagen Business College, Copenhagen, Denmark
Entropy 2010, 12(6), 1344;
Submission received: 17 May 2010 / Published: 27 May 2010
We just became aware that the article [1] published in Entropy 2009 contains a false reference. From the list of references in [1] one gets the impression that the manuscript [2] has been accepted for publication in the journal Biophyical Chemestry. We have contacted the editors of that journal and they could tell us that [2] is a rejected manuscript, which is also the reason why the manuscript does not appear on the journal’s homepage. Following the editorial policy of Entropy we do not make any changes in an already published paper, so we have to bring this correction instead.


  1. Annila, A.; Salthe, S. Economies evolve by energy dispersal. Entropy 2009, 11, 606–633. [Google Scholar] [CrossRef]
  2. Jaakkola, S.; El-Showk, S.; Annila, A. The driving force behind genomic diversity. arXiv:0807.0892.

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Harremoës, P. Misleading Reference. Entropy 2010, 12, 1344.

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Harremoës P. Misleading Reference. Entropy. 2010; 12(6):1344.

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Harremoës, Peter. 2010. "Misleading Reference" Entropy 12, no. 6: 1344.

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