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Publisher’s Note: Continued Publication of Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research by MDPI

MDPI, Avenida Madrid, 95, 08028 Barcelona, Spain
J. Theor. Appl. Electron. Commer. Res. 2021, 16(3), 296-297;
Received: 4 September 2020 / Accepted: 11 September 2020 / Published: 20 November 2020
The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER) was launched in 2006 and published over the past fourteen years by the University of Talca [1]. Dr. Narciso Cerpa, who launched this journal in 2006, served as the first Editor-in-Chief. In 2020, Dr. Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda became the Editor-in-Chief. We are very happy to work with the new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda, in continuing the publication of this journal [2]. Since its inception, JTAER has been published according to the Open Access model. MDPI was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit project for the promotion and preservation of the diversity of chemical compounds [3]. Since the first journal, Molecules [4], was launched, MDPI’s team has focused on serving academic communities’ ever-growing needs to quickly and openly publish the results of their research [5]. MDPI’s portfolio has considerably expanded in the last few years, and today, we publish over 250 journals in different fields and disciplines [6]. To ensure that we serve all academic communities well, we have decided to continue to publish the journal on behalf of the University of Talca. JTAER will continue to publish research related to electronic commerce, an area of research that MDPI had not been covering until now. As of today, manuscripts can be submitted to JTAER via the MDPI submission system SuSy, and accepted articles will be published immediately online after copy-editing and XML conversion. However, to ensure the continuity of issues, the first two issues will still be published by the University of Talca in 2021 and will contain the latest papers accepted by the University of Talca. MDPI will start to publish from Issue 3 in June 2021, followed by another 4 issues that will be published in July, August, September and December 2021. We will then regularly publish four quarterly issues starting from 2022.
In the name of the new JTAER Editorial Office and all our employees, let us express a hearty “Welcome to JTAER” and all the members of the scientific community interested in electronic commerce. If you are interested in contributing to our journal and would like to serve on the JTAER team, please contact the Editorial Office at [email protected].
Enjoy publishing in JTAER.

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The author is a member of the Management Team of MDPI Publishers.


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