Mission and Values

Our guiding principles are:

Open Access

We offer access to science and the latest research to readers for free. All of our content is published in open access and distributed under a Creative Commons License, which means published articles can be freely shared and the content re-used, upon proper attribution.

Timeliness and Efficiency

We aim to publish fast to ensure the latest research is rapidly disseminated, using thorough, precise editorial work. By assisting editors and reviewers all along the peer-review process, a first decision is provided to authors in under 32 days; once accepted, papers are published in 7–10 days.


All of our tools and services can be found in one place and prioritize user-friendliness. Simple processes keep our editorial process highly efficient.

High Quality Service

We aim to provide a service that supports scholars and their work. By offering a range of different options, including journal publication at mdpi.com, early publication at preprints.org and conferences on sciforum.net, we support scientific communities worldwide to make a positive impact on research.


In a changing and evolving publishing environment, we are constantly adapting and developing new tools and services. By listening to feedback from authors, editors and readers, we can make changes to better meet the needs of our research community and keep MDPI relevant.

Rooted in Sustainability

In addition to being at the root of MDPI and a key theme in our journals, we support sustainability by ensuring the long-term preservation of published papers, and the future of science through partnerships, sponsorships and awards.

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