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28 August–2 September 2023 2nd International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy

Athens, Greece

The first international conference entitled “Raw Materials and Circular Economy – Technological Developments and Future Challenges”—RawMat2021—was held in September 2021 in Athens, Greece, and aimed at the exchange of knowledge and experience on the application of circular economy principles in the raw materials sector. The conference was embraced by stakeholders involved in all steps of the materials value chain. Despite restrictions and uncertainties related to the COVID pandemic, RawMat2021 attracted 243 scientific presentations of very high quality, including 9 plenary and 22 keynote lectures. It was attended by more about 450 delegates from 22 different countries and was sponsored and actively supported by 29 private companies and public organizations.

RawMat2023 topics cover a wide range of raw-materials-related activities, including strategies on raw materials supply, exploration, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, energy, waste valorization, recycling, and Industry 4.0 transformation with an emphasis on Green Transition issues. We are convinced that RawMat2023 will, once again, bring together industry executives and engineers, junior and senior scientists, stakeholders and policy makers, professionals, and academics from throughout the raw materials value chain.

RawMat2023 covers a broad list of topics as follows:

  • EU Industrial Strategy / Circular and Resource Efficient Economy.
  • Minerals Exploration and Resource Characterization: securing critical and strategic raw materials supply.
  • Mining: Trends and Perspectives.
  • Advances in Mineral Processing Technologies.
  • Sustainable Metallurgy.
  • Industrial Minerals.
  • Environment, Energy and Sustainability.
  • Reuse - Recycling and Valorization.
  • Education.
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).
  • Greece - Specific Issues.

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