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Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN)

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The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN) is a go-to resource for managers and scientists involved in fire and fuels management in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming. We facilitate knowledge exchange among managers and scientists by bringing people together to strengthen collaborations, synthesize science, and enhance science application to critical fire and fuels management issues.

The Global Wildland Fire Network

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The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) is an institution of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, located on the campus of Freiburg University, Germany. In 2005 the GFMC was appointed as an Associated Institute of the United Nations University (UNU). Since 2001 GFMC is serving as coordinator and facilitator of the UNDRR Wildland Fire Advisory Group and the Global Wildland Fire Network, a global voluntary network that is providing policy advice, and science and technology transfer to enable nations:

Reduce the negative impacts of landscape fires on the environment and humanity.

Advance the knowledge and application of the ecologically and environmentally benign role of natural fire in fire-dependent ecosystems, and sustainable application of fire in land-use systems.

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