5 September 2017
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of the International Journal of Neonatal Screening (IJNS) in 2016

The editors and editorial staff members involved in publishing IJNS would like to express their gratitude to all the referees who contributed their time and expertise to reviewing papers in 2016.

Our warmest thanks go to the scientists listed below who served as reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Neonatal Screening in 2016. Our reviewers play a crucial role in ensuring that IJNS continues to publish high quality scientific works. We would like to thank and acknowledge those who return a good review quickly, by offering a discount off their next MDPI publication. Another service we offer is, by creating an account on the submission system, reviewers can access details of their past reviews, see the comments of other reviewers, and download a letter of acknowledgement for their records. Thanks you all for the service you give to our authors and readers.

Wuh-Liang Hwu

James Pitt

Edwin Massey

James B. Bussel

Guo-Ying Huang

Fred Lorey

John Smith Hokanson

Ilona C. Narayen

Mats Mellander

Thor Willy Ruud Hansen

Tina M. Slusher

Niloufar Neely Kazerouni

Monique Williams

William Rizzo

James Bartley

Arthur Cooper

Rebecca C. Ahrens-Nicklas

Sarah H. Elsea

Ralph Fingerhut

Victor de Jesus

Loeber Gerard

Graham Sinclair

Marzia Pasquali

Piero Rinaldo

Johannes Berger

Can Ficicioglu

Stephan Kemp

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