Guest Editors' Feedback


“I am supportive of the publishing approach of the open-access journal Water because it publishes papers on important water topics in a timely way. Its approach to Special Issues that have external Guest Editors is a good way to compile papers that are focused on a particular subject area. It is extremely important that papers be broadly accessible to people throughout the world and from different professions and backgrounds. Water's approach to Special Issues in particular assists in this broad and timely dissemination of developments in water research, management, and policy.”


Sharon B. Megdal, University of Arizona

Special Issue "Water Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, and Sustainable Water Resources Management"

Special Issue "Policy and Economics of Managed Aquifer Recharge and Water Banking"

“This has been my first experience as a co-Guest Editor of a Special Issue in an MDPI journal, and it has surely superseded my expectations. The MDPI team revealed an irreprehensible work, by handling all submissions and reviewing processes swiftly and with great care and professionalism. This has lightened my burden as a co-Guest Editor, enabling me to keep focus on what I was assigned for, from calls for contributions to evaluation of peer reviews for decision making.
I also wish to highlight the valuable role of co-Guest Editor, Professor Stefania Galdiero. Although not personally acquainted, we became immediately tuned with each other.
Altogether, this has been a pleasant assignment that produced a comprehensive and interesting special issue on a topic that is very dear to me, and in which I am most happy to have participated.”

Prof. Dr. Paula A. C. Gomes, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto

Special Issue "Peptide-Based Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems"

“I think that the Guest Editor role is perfectly organized in MDPI and thanks to your collaborators GE may devote his/her time to what is much important, i.e. the evaluation of comments from referees.”


Maurizio Battino, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Special Issue "Bioactive Phytochemicals and Functional Food Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables"

Special Issue "20th Anniversary of Molecules—Recent Advances in Natural Products"

“I have been a guest editor for MDPI on a number of occasions. I have been extremely impressed by how efficient the process has been and how quickly the papers have been handled. At the same time, the quality of the reviews has generally been very high, resulting in a rigorous review process. I have been extremely satisfied by the experience.”


Linda See, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Special Issue "Validation and Inter-Comparison of Land Cover and Land Use Data"

Special Issue "Collaborative Mapping"

“Overall, I found this to be a very positive experience that provided me with insight from the "other side", as my usual role is that of author. Some specific guidelines at the beginning regarding the expected duties of a guest editor would have been helpful. However, the editorial staff answered all questions promptly, so there was no real problem.”


T.G. Back, University of Calgary

Special Issue "Selenium Catalysts and Antioxidants"

“As a guest editor of a Special Issue I have found MDPI to be totally professional in its processes. I have been very impressed by the caliber of the peer reviewers and the feedback they have provided on all the papers in that Issue.”


George Baird, Victoria University of Wellington

Special Issue "Selected Papers from Building A Better New Zealand (BBNZ 2014) Conference"

“Very good. Fast publications. Good peer reviews that helps to improve the paper.”


Valeria Costantino, Università di Napoli Federico II

Special Issue "Marine Secondary Metabolites"

“It was more work than I expected, but quite enjoyable work.

The bound copy of the special issue is a great benefit.”


R. Grant Steen, PhD, Medical Communications Consultants Chapel Hill

Special Issue "Misconduct in Scientific Publishing"

“MDPI author tools and instructions were good. Submission was easy and refereeing was fair. I was pleased with the formatting and appearance of the final published article.”


John C. Walton, University of St. Andrews

Special Issue "Free Radicals and Radical Ions"

“I was convinced of MDPI's well-established rigorous peer-review process, which secures the efficient communication between the contact author and reviewers. After the publication, the number of visitors becomes explicit and this openness also showcases the credibility and impact of this MDPI open access journal.

Reviewers should be selected more carefully in view of their actual specialism and like other prestigious publishers, perhaps, the selected reviewers should be paid to boost and appreciate their quality assessment.”

Masa Noguchi, University of Melbourne

Special Issue "ZEMCH Research Initiatives: Mass Customisation and Sustainability"

“Very happy. I am really well supported and the turnaround is unbelievable.

I think potential authors are suspicious of open access. In my latest call for papers, I added a note to say that Animals is indexed in Scopus and that it has a 3rd quartile ranking in 2014. This is important - at least for Australian academics.”


Kirrilly Thompson, Central Queensland University

Special Issue "Horses and Risk"

“Guest editing a special edition of Symmetry was a pleasant and rewarding experience.”


John H. Graham, Berry College

Special Issue "Fluctuating Asymmetry"

“Overall, once we worked out the rules, my Guest Editing experience was great. Behavioral Sciences was flexible with deadlines, which worked well for me and the contributors; and because it is an on-line journal, once I accepted each of the eight articles, it was quickly published on-line, much faster than the traditional hard-copy journal that I edited for years.

As I selected reviewers, reviewed the reviews and made the decision based on them, it worked fine, but every now and then MDPI independently requested a review, which confused things.”


Jack L. Nasar, The Ohio State University

Special Issue "Advances in Environmental Psychology"

“Impressed generally.

Both journals I have been involved with have been very responsive.”


Dr. Mark Whittaker, University of Wales Swansea

Special Issue "Failure Analysis in Materials"

“I found the experience very enjoyable and rewarding. Some excellent papers were received for consideration from researchers around the world. New contacts were personally made. An excellent Special issue was produced.”


Dr. Andrew G. S. Cuthbertson, The Food and Environment Research Agency, USA

Special Issue "Pest Control in Glasshouses"

“Very good experience; the effort is certainly worth the outcome when several high quality papers are published in the Special Issue. It has been a very pleasant experience to work with the Buildings Editorial Office.

The Special Issue program is well thought out and managed effectively. The editorial management team does a very good job in promoting the Special Issues, inviting resourceful authors and diligent reviewers, as evidenced by high quality papers.

The Editorial Office and management team do a pretty good job in the review process, formatting, editing, creating high quality figures and delivering impressive finished product. The Editorial Office is commended for their great job!

The review process is efficient and quick, while being sufficiently thorough.”


Ali Memari, The Pennsylvania State University

Special Issue "Earthquake Resistant Buildings"

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