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Current Pipeline of Antimalarial Therapies †

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), 1215 Geneva, Switzerland
Presented at the 1st Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Barcelona, Spain, 8 September 2017.
Proceedings 2017, 1(6), 669;
Published: 18 October 2017
Malaria is a devastating disease affecting millions of people each year yet, surprisingly, apart from the Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs) there are relatively few effective treatments for Plasmodium falciparum and only one complete treatment for Plasmodium vivax.
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) has the mission to reduce the burden of malaria in disease-endemic countries by discovering, developing and facilitating the delivery of new, effective and affordable antimalarial drugs in collaboration with international partners.
MMV manages a significant antimalarial pipeline and this has been strengthened in recent years with the delivery of new products, new clinical candidates and early stage discovery projects. The challenges that need to be overcome will be detailed as well as the strategy adopted to control and eradicate the disease, including definitions of target product and candidate profiles necessary for asexual blood stage cures (including single dose combination treatment), transmission blocking, vivax and chemoprotection.
MMV is also proud to lead open-source initiatives such as the Pathogen Box project to catalyze drug discovery for malaria and neglected diseases. The data, findings and results emanating from these initiatives are as rich as the connections and collaborations they inspire.

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Laleu B. Current Pipeline of Antimalarial Therapies. Proceedings. 2017; 1(6):669.

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Laleu, Benoît. 2017. "Current Pipeline of Antimalarial Therapies" Proceedings 1, no. 6: 669.

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