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The Future of Urban Science

Michael Peter Smith
Department of Human Ecology, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616-8701, USA
Urban Sci. 2017, 1(1), 1;
Submission received: 3 June 2016 / Revised: 3 June 2016 / Accepted: 3 June 2016 / Published: 7 June 2016
Urban Science is a scholarly international journal which provides a platform for the exchange of theories, ideas, methods, analysis, and comparative studies of urban and regional development. It is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes high quality original articles, theoretical essays, critical reviews, research notes, and shorter communications. Its broad definition of “science” includes both quantitative and qualitative methods of social, environmental, and spatial analysis. There is no restriction on the length of the papers.
The primary aims of this journal are to encourage contributors to publish theoretical and empirical research relating to urban, rural, and regional development, environment and resource opportunities and constraints, economic and political development, public policy analysis, community formation and reformation, and the globalization of cities and regions.
The subject areas that we especially invite include: (a) urban and regional economic and political development; (b) urban environmental and resource controversies; (c) urban policy and governance; (d) urban sprawl and redevelopment; (e) urbanism and suburbanism as ways of life; (f) urban geography, land use, and transport; (g) landscape and urban wilderness; (h) infrastructure, the built environment, and housing; (i) community formation in cities; (j) urban culture; (k) rural development; (l) the costs and benefits of tourism; and (m) globalization and local development. We especially welcome research that adds a transnational dimension to urban studies, thereby redefining the practices of urban citizenship, social movements, and public policy making [1].

Conflicts of Interest

The author declares no conflict of interest.


  1. Smith, M.P. Explorations in Urban Theory; Transaction Publishers: New Brunswick, NJ, USA; London, UK, 2016. [Google Scholar]

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Smith, M.P. The Future of Urban Science. Urban Sci. 2017, 1, 1.

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Smith MP. The Future of Urban Science. Urban Science. 2017; 1(1):1.

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Smith, Michael Peter. 2017. "The Future of Urban Science" Urban Science 1, no. 1: 1.

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