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Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Sexes in 2021

Sexes Editorial Office
MDPI AG, St. Alban-Anlage 66, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Sexes 2022, 3(1), 97;
Published: 29 January 2022
Rigorous peer-reviews are the basis of high-quality academic publishing. Due to the great efforts of our reviewers, Sexes was able to maintain its standards for the high quality of its published papers. Thanks to the contribution of our reviewers, in 2021, the median time to first decision was 22 days and the median time to publication was 48 days. The editors would like to extend their gratitude and recognition to the following reviewers for their precious time and dedication, regardless of whether the papers they reviewed were finally published:
Alexei, AnisinLi, Yachao
Antonogeorgos, GeorgeLópez Rodríguez, Marta Sofía
Baile Ayensa, José IgnacioMagano, Olga
Bennachie, CalumMauerer, Gerlinde
Boggiano, Victoria L.Mcgrath, Shelly
Brents, BarbMelendez, Rita
Britt-Rankin, JoMenih, Helena
Chavanelle, VivienMinichiello, Victor
Collini, FedericaMohamad, Maznah Binti
Crespo López, MaríaMolla Esparza, Cristian
De Almeida Kiguti, Luiz RicardoMyszkowska-Ryciak, Joanna
Del Río, F. JavierNacif Antunes, Michele
Dempsey, Robert C.Navarro, Raul
Di Grazia, MassimoNavarro-Pérez, Carmen F.
Diolaiuti, FrancescaOliveira-Filho, Aldemir B.
Döring, NicolaOrtiz-Tallo, Margarita
Fernández-Fuertes, Andrés A.Pasek, Małgorzata
Finelli, CarminePeixoto, Maria Manuela
Fisher, Alessandra DaphnePeña Axt, Juan Carlos
Galazzi, ElenaPereira, Henrique
Garcia, MichellePetriczko, Elżbieta
Gentil, PauloPoole, Jay
Guttmacher, SallyQuam-Wickham, Nancy
Haviland, Kelly S.Saneleuterio, Elia
Hwang, MeroseSchumm, Walter R.
Imam, TasadduqSierra, Juan Carlos
Jahangir, Yamin TauseefSirignano, Ascanio
Jannini, Emmanuele A.Tan, Kyle K. H.
Jiang, HongTownes, Ashley
Keene, LanceTremolada, Marta
Konishi, ShokoValenzuela, Rodrigo
Lamarche, VeronicaVan Gulik, Léon
Lee, LizaZaia, Victor
Li, Wei
Publisher’s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Sexes Editorial Office. Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Sexes in 2021. Sexes 2022, 3, 97.

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Sexes Editorial Office. Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Sexes in 2021. Sexes. 2022; 3(1):97.

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Sexes Editorial Office. 2022. "Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Sexes in 2021" Sexes 3, no. 1: 97.

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