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Condensed Matter: A New Open Access Journal

Rome International Center for Materials Science Superstripes (RICMASS), Via dei Sabelli 119A, 00185 Roma, Italy
MDPI AG, St. Alban-Anlage 66, CH-4052 Basel, Switzerland
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Condens. Matter 2016, 1(1), 3;
Submission received: 16 September 2016 / Accepted: 16 September 2016 / Published: 19 September 2016
Condensed matter physics is a broad and interesting topic. By looking at the fundamental properties of matter, new and interesting phenomena can be observed and novel technologies developed. The link between what happens at the sub-atomic level and bulk properties has led, in recent years, to the development of new materials with sometimes unexpected properties. Topics such as superconductivity, magnetism and spintronics are coming to the fore alongside exploration of condensed matter properties of biological systems and continuing efforts in solid state physics.
Given this, the launch of Condensed Matter is timely. The field is growing into new areas, which the journal hopes to reflect. In addition, we expect that an open access option for researchers will be a welcome addition to the literature.
Condensed Matter is published by MDPI, which has some experience in the field, for example with the journal Materials ( However, MDPI’s existing journals mainly focus on the chemistry and engineering side of the field. We hope that the new journal will help to attract the physics community in addition, although in modern research the lines often blur between disciplines and work that takes a multidisciplinary approach will be warmly welcomed.
As Editor-in-Chief, I invite original research articles and in-depth reviews on all aspects of condensed matter physics to the journal. I will be ably assisted in processing papers by an excellent editorial board drawn from across the discipline (

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Bianconi, A.; Rittman, M. Condensed Matter: A New Open Access Journal. Condens. Matter 2016, 1, 3.

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Bianconi A, Rittman M. Condensed Matter: A New Open Access Journal. Condensed Matter. 2016; 1(1):3.

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Bianconi, Antonio, and Martyn Rittman. 2016. "Condensed Matter: A New Open Access Journal" Condensed Matter 1, no. 1: 3.

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