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Atypisches Verhalten von Thiophenderivaten gegeniiber Reduktions- bzw. Thionierungs-Versuchen

Institut fiir Pharrnazeutische Chemie der Universitat Wien. AlthanstraBe 14. A- 1090 Wien. Osterreich
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Sci. Pharm. 2003, 71(2), 51-56;
Submission received: 23 October 2002 / Revised: 29 November 2002 / Accepted: 29 November 2002 / Published: 10 April 2003


To prepare required thiolactarns. initial experiments were done with the lactarns 1 - 3 and Lawessol reagent. However in preliminary trials. treatment of the compounds failed to give the desired molecules. Modification of the reaction conditions. paticularly with regard to the solvent and the reaction temperature. did not permit the preparation of the corresponding thiolactams. The keto function in position 6 was thought to be responsible for this atypical behaviour. Therefore. as the following step. the acetyl group in compounds 1 - 3 should be reduced to the corresponding ethyl derivatives. This reaction did not give the needed bicycles. Reduction of compounds 4 - 6 with triethylsilanel trifluoroacetic acid brought up compounds 7 - 9.
Keywords: Thieno[2.3-bJ[1.4.J pyrazines; Lawesson reagent Thieno[2.3-bJ[1.4.J pyrazines; Lawesson reagent

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Erker, T.; Trinkl, K. Atypisches Verhalten von Thiophenderivaten gegeniiber Reduktions- bzw. Thionierungs-Versuchen. Sci. Pharm. 2003, 71, 51-56.

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Erker T, Trinkl K. Atypisches Verhalten von Thiophenderivaten gegeniiber Reduktions- bzw. Thionierungs-Versuchen. Scientia Pharmaceutica. 2003; 71(2):51-56.

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Erker, T., and K. Trinkl. 2003. "Atypisches Verhalten von Thiophenderivaten gegeniiber Reduktions- bzw. Thionierungs-Versuchen" Scientia Pharmaceutica 71, no. 2: 51-56.

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