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Peer-Review Record

Skeletal Growth Rates in Porites lutea Corals from Pulau Tinggi, Malaysia

Water 2022, 14(1), 38;
Reviewer 1: Anonymous
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Water 2022, 14(1), 38;
Received: 24 November 2021 / Revised: 11 December 2021 / Accepted: 21 December 2021 / Published: 24 December 2021
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Climate Change Studies of Coral Reefs)

Round 1

Reviewer 1 Report

Letter to Authors
Skeletal Growth Rates in Porites lutea Corals from Pulau Tinggi, Malaysia
Chai Kee Ong, Jen Nie Lee,  Jani Thuaibah Isa Tanzil


Dear authors,
Your MS describing coral reef damage with thermal stresses and its subsequent resilience is worth publishing in an international journal, if adequately written. Before publication, however, the current MS needs some revision for improvement. Use of terms, names of local things and abbreviations is somewhat inconsistent. How to make your MS clear, direct, strong and straightforward is eventually how to save readers' short term memory when reading. See below for detail.

L28 keywards
Porites lutea; coral skeletal growth -> replace
Do not list words which appear also in the title. Duplicate hits upon computer search do not make sense. Give words that do not appear in the title to draw attention from wider readership. Posting words that neither appear in the abstract is better, because even in full-text search/indexing robots may not weigh much on words deeper (posterior) in the text. Hint: global warming, coral bleaching, oceanic carbon cycle, tropical fish habitat, ecosystem service, Cnidaria, Anthozoa, hermatypic, reef-building, ossicle, sclerochronology, etc.

In Malaysia -> Along the coast of Thai-Malay Peninsula

around the Thai-Malay Peninsula -> delete

Tanzil et al. [10] found -> {our, a} previous study [10] revealed

by Tanzil et al. -> delete

a follow-on study to Tanzil et al. -> a follow-on to a previous study

L74 figure picture
Set the sub-figure (b) clearly as an inset. I can see thin lines at upper and right sides, but cannot at left and lower sides even upon 400% magnification. Enclose the sub-figure with a rectangle to show it clearly in an inset.

(TGI) -> delete
This abbreviation seem to stand not for coral cores but for the island. See subsequent figure legend. Be careful always introducing abbreviations to avoid overflow of readers' short term memory spaces when reading.

The coral cores -> The coral cores (TGI cores)

by Tanzil et al. -> previously

TGI corals -> coral samples

red-line. -> red-line drawn from IGOSS data [24].
SST data was .. covering the 130 study site. (redundant) -> delete

L147,148 figure 3
Swap skeletal bulk density (b) and calcification rate (c) to fit with the order in the text.

L161,162 figure 4
Swap skeletal bulk density (b) and calcification rate (c) to fit with the order in the text.

P. Tinggi -> Pulau Tinggi

sea surface temperatures (SSTs) -> SSTs
Use abbreviations consistently to save readers' memory spaces.

suggests (weak) -> indicates

at the Mesoamerican Reef where .. recovered within 2-3 years -> delete
Do not make a simple reference list (A stated this, B analyzed that, C argued it, or alike). Use noun phrases to make abstract contents of those references. You have successfully abstracted it as "faster recovery rates at sites with lower environmental stressors".

current found -> currently detected

Tanzil et al. 2013 -> a previous study [10]

by Tanzil et al. -> delete

recovery able to recover to (repeated words) -> recovery able to achieve again

L287 references
Check the reference list carefully again from the beginning. Reference lists are frequently hotbeds of errors. You might add, omit or swap citation in the main text on the way internal revision. Numbering of the references might then shift. If so, readers think you are making irrelevant citation. It is the authors' responsibility that all references are properly cited.

Make sure if journal titles are abbreviated accompanying a dot. Check thoroughly.

[Dataset] -> to the top of report title ?

Reef Check Malaysia Status of coral reefs in Malaysia 2019 -> Reef Check Malaysia. <i>Status of Coral Reefs in Malaysia 2019</i> ?

Make sure if book titles are in Title case. Check thoroughly.



Author Response

Please see the attachment. 

Author Response File: Author Response.docx

Reviewer 2 Report

The manuscript water-1501884 reports interesting data on skeletal growth rates in Porites lutea coral.

The methodological approach is correct and adequate to the research. The manuscript is well organized and well written.

The discussion is sufficiently argued, but needs to be implemented. For example, the relationship between skeletal bulk density and temperature seems to be bimodal (different with respect to those of linear extension rate and calcification rate). Also regarding the temporal trend I see some similarities between linear extension rate and calcification rate and differences with skeletal bulk density. The Authors should discuss these results, making some hypotheses.

I consider that this manuscript is appropriate for publication in Water after a little revision and a rereading by the Authors, to resolve some typos.

Author Response

Please see the attachment. 

Author Response File: Author Response.docx

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