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Case Report

Benign Familial Polycythaemia in a Young Male

Department of General Medicine, Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, 24 Gorachand Road, Kolkata 700014, West Bengal, India
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Hematol. Rep. 2012, 4(1), e2;
Submission received: 31 August 2011 / Revised: 28 November 2011 / Accepted: 22 December 2011 / Published: 10 January 2012


Polycythaemia has been reported rarely as a familial condition. There is evidence to suggest transmission as a Mendelian dominant trait, but recessive inheritance has also been described. We present here a case of benign familial polycythaemia in a 25-year-old male with similar presentation in his family members. Our patient presented with reddish discolouration of eyes, early satiety , weight loss and itching at intervals for four years. An additional examination revealed red beefy tongue and Grade III clubbing. The importance of presenting this case lies in the fact that the prognosis appears to be good in these patients, but regular observation is necessary as Kiladjian and colleagues have mentioned that there is a risk of leukaemia, thrombosis and myelofibrosis in these patients later on, as the idiopathic erythrocytosis group contains a certain number of polycythaemia patients.
Keywords: benign familial poycythaemia; male benign familial poycythaemia; male

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Maitra, S.; Bhowmik, S. Benign Familial Polycythaemia in a Young Male. Hematol. Rep. 2012, 4, e2.

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Maitra S, Bhowmik S. Benign Familial Polycythaemia in a Young Male. Hematology Reports. 2012; 4(1):e2.

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Maitra, Somanth, and Sreejita Bhowmik. 2012. "Benign Familial Polycythaemia in a Young Male" Hematology Reports 4, no. 1: e2.

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