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Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. CD-ROM. 6th Edition 1999 Electronic Release
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Industrial Organic Chemicals. Starting Materials and Intermediates

Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), Saengergasse 25, CH-4054 Basel, Switzerland
Molecules 1999, 4(12), 371-372;
Received: 7 December 1999 / Published: 31 December 1999
The encyclopedia of Industrial Organic Chemicals brings together around 200 detailed and thoroughly edited articles on organic starting materials and intermediates. Based on the very latest, 6th edition of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, the contents represent the most up-to-date source of information available.
The 8 volumes of alphabetically arranged articles provide coverage of the manufacturing of chemicals, the design of processes, the operation of chemical plants, and the markets of the products. Internationally respected authors, from industry and academia and from the world's major industrialized countries, provide a complete picture for each chemical.
The information presented is included in the 6th edition of the 36 volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. The articles are also included in the CD-ROM edition of the 6th edition of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry [1,2]. For those chemists interested in only the industrial organic chemicals, including starting materials and intermediates, these eight volumes are more suitable, being more compact and occupying less book shelf space. If your library has a CD- ROM edition of the complete encyclopedia, in addition these eight volumes may be a good choice to have in print.


I am grateful to Wiley-VCH's Sonja Karlein ([email protected]) for her kind assistance.

References and Notes

  1. Visit the website of Ullmann’s Encyclopedia.
  2. For a book review regarding the CD-ROM version of the complete Ullmann’s Encyclopedia, see: Molecules, 1999, 4, 368-370.
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