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Corrections and Addition: Energy and Entropy as the Fundaments of Theoretical Physics. Entropy: 2002, 4, 128-141

Williams Research Corporation, 1305 Hilton Place, Socorro, NM 87801, USA
Entropy 2002, 4(6), 151;
Received: 20 May 2002 / Accepted: 30 May 2002 / Published: 30 December 2002
In the abstract and the text of the subject publication an article written by Einstein was incorrectly titled and referenced as THE FUNDAMENTS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS From Science, Washington, D. C. May 24, 1940.
It has been kindly pointed out that the correct title and reference to the article is CONSIDERATIONS CONCERNING THE FUNDAMENTS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS, Albert Einstein, Science, New Series, Vol. 91, No. 2369. (May 24, 1940), pp. 487-492.
Einstein’s article was cited in its entirety in the above publication in order to provide the basis for further discussion. His original article may be found at URL:
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