Modelling in Biology and Medicine

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Mathematical modelling and computer simulation have proved tremendously successful in engineering and hard sciences. One of the greatest challenges for mathematical modelling and computer simulation community is to extend the success of computational science to fields outside these traditional areas, in particular to biology, biomedical sciences and medicine. The field of modelling in biology and medicine is in the most exiting state of transition from the theoretical subject of the 20th century to a practical discipline providing patient-specific solutions in the 21st century. Novel approaches to modelling and simulation are needed to enable a new era of personalised medicine based on patient-specific mathematical models and scientific computations. This Section invites contributions covering all aspects of mathematical modelling and computer simulation in biology and medicine, such as physiology, biomechanics, imaging, medical robotics, surgical simulation, disease prognosis and diagnosis, Injury mechanism analysis, surgical aid design artificial organs, implant and prostheses design, tissue engineering, understanding of embryonic development, understanding of aging and other related topics.


  • mathematical modelling
  • computer simulation
  • biology
  • medicine

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