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The literature within the field of Humanities includes a wide range of theoretically and humanistically informed scholarship in both national and comparative literary traditions. We focus here on imaginative literature as expressed in prose and poetry, in narrative and image primarily in written (and/or oral traditional) forms. And while the language of scholarship here is English, we welcome scholarship that treats literature from any/all languages (asking only that non-English quotations are provided with English translations alongside their originals).

We are open to a wide variety of methodological approaches, theoretical perspectives, and literary genres, and we are particularly keen to encourage work that crosses boundaries of language, form, and era—work that asks questions that have not been asked, or which puts literatures/authors/works into critical engagement with each other in new and/or interesting ways.

Finally, we ask not that your work fit into traditional disciplinary categories, language groupings, or time periods, but we ask that it be smart, well-researched, and determined to show its readers something new.

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