Andrology and Male Sexual Function

A section of Endocrines (ISSN 2673-396X).

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Andrology deals with the study of any aspect related to sexual disturbances including gender dysphoria, either from a medical (endocrine and biological) or surgical (urologic) standpoint. Andrology also deals with basic and clinical aspects of the male reproductive system (pituitary, gonads, endocrine, and accessory organs) in all species. In addition, female sexual function is modernly considered a part of sexual satisfaction in humans, and a couple’s relationship is a part of the modern approach to sexuality. This Section welcomes manuscript submissions on all aspects of andrology and male/female sexual function, including original and review articles, and commentaries in clinical and basic research.

The topics within the scope of this section include but are not limited to:

reproductive endocrinology: male and female sexual dysfunctions, infertility, male metabolic disease related to aging: endothelial dysfunction, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, diagnosis and treatment of medical problems associated with sexual development, sex hormone action, Peyronie’s disease and other curvatures, prostate and male accessory gland disorders, genitourinary male/female urology, gender dysphoria.

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