Algebra and Number Theory

A section of Axioms (ISSN 2075-1680).

Section Information

‘Algebra and Number Theory’ is a Section of Axioms, an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal. Our goal is to solicit and publish original, high-quality papers in all areas of algebra and number theory, broadly conceived, including algebraic combinatorics and algebraic geometry. We will also consider timely reviews and surveys of particular areas and trends of current interest. We especially encourage the submission of papers applying the methods of algebra and/or number theory to adjacent fields of science such as mathematical physics, quantum field theory, and quantum computers.

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Mason
Section Associate Editor


  • Additive and multiplicative number theory
  • Algebraic geometry
  • Algebraic combinatorics, algebraic graph theory
  • Algebraic groups
  • Algebraic number theory, local and global methods
  • Algebraic and arithmetic methods in theoretical physics and computer science
  • Automorphic forms, modular forms, L-functions
  • Associative rings and algebras
  • Category theory
  • Commutative algebra
  • Distribution of prime numbers
  • Group theory and representation theory of groups
  • Hopf algebras and quantum groups
  • Lattice theory
  • Lie algebras and their representations
  • Nonassociative algebras
  • p-adic methods in number theory
  • Vertex algebras and their representations

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