Institutional Open Access Program FAQ

You’re providing a free set of services for libraries? What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We recognize that those in charge of Open Access policies, institutional repositories (IRs), and scholarly communication are key players in an open access world. For MDPI, this means that we view librarians and others involved with academic communication as important people to build strong relationships with. Our Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP) is a way to create and build this kind of connection.

What benefits do we receive as a participant in this Open Access program?

IOAP decreases your administrative burden by providing you real-time information about what your authors publish. There is the option for directly depositing published articles to your institutional repository, ensuring a more complete local record with minimal effort. In addition, you will have a point of contact at MDPI in case you require information or material about open access, or have any queries related to MDPI journals, articles, or other projects.

We have a central fund for OA articles but there are several rules for which APCs are covered and by how much. How do you deal with the complexities involving partial central funding?

Lead authors submitting to any MDPI journal will be alerted about central funding opportunities and can decide for themselves if they qualify by confirming certain criteria. Author recognition is based on the domain-name or IP-range of the IOAP participant . After this step, the IOAP institution will be informed and can confirm whether the author should receive the support available.

Where can I find a list of APCs of MDPI journals?

A complete list of MDPI article processing charges (APCs) can be found at

Are all MDPI journals paid for by APCs?

Currently almost all MDPI papers are paid through APCs, which has been the most effective way to provide high quality peer review, production services, and support journal development. However, we are open to new modes of supporting publication, including subsidies, prepayment, and centralized publication funds. If you have a suggestion please contact us.

Are participants notified when an affiliated author submits a paper?

Yes, participants receive a notification email by default whenever an affiliated author submits a paper. The email alert settings can be changed according to the preferences of the participant by logging into their account in the MDPI submission system, Susy.

How can we ensure that only affiliated authors receive the discount?

Authors are prompted in the last page of submission to ask if they are eligible for the discount under the IOAP program. If the institution provides an IP-range, then the IOAP can be pre-selected. Our staff cross-check all incoming submissions, and participants receive notifications by email whenever a paper has been submitted.

Can participants receive promotional material (brochures, flyers, etc.,) to hand out to their researchers?

Yes, we can provide a range of material related to MDPI in general or specific journals. Please contact us to ask.

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