29 June 2011
2010 Newly Released Impact Factors

We are pleased to report the continued increase of the scientific impact of MDPI's open access journals as reflected by the newly released Impact Factors for 2010:

MDPI AG is pleased to report increased Impact Factors for three of its four journals that had previously received Impact Factors. The Impact Factor of Molecules climbed to 1.988, IJMS to 2.279, and Marine Drugs to 3.471 - this is the first time in the history of MDPI open access journals that an Impact Factor has surpassed the 3.0 mark. Only the Impact Factor of the journal Sensors stagnated at somewhat below 1.8, mainly due to a significantly increased volume of published papers during the period of 2008-2009. While the annual growth of citations to Sensors articles has accelerated over past three years, the growth of published papers has been slightly decreasing. This should lead to increase in the Impact Factor for Sensors in 2011, to be released one year from now, provided that the growth in citations continues at its pace. Additionally, three more journals received their first official Impact Factors lending them even more attractive to authors and readers. Energies received a first Impact Factor of 1.130, Entropy 1.109 and more surprisingly Viruses received an Impact Factor of 1.000. The Impact Factor for Viruses is based on citation data from 2009 only.

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