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Effects of Physicochemical Variables on the Cyanobacteria Biovolume in Iberian Peninsula  †

Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBiBE), University of Valencia, Catedràtic José Beltrán Martínez, 2, 46980 Paterna, Spain
Image Processing Laboratory (IPL), University of Valencia, Catedràtic Agustín Escardino Benlloch, 9, 46980 Paterna, Spain
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Presented at the 7th Iberian Congress on Cyanotoxins/3rd Iberoamerican Congress on Cyanotoxins, Ponta Delgada, Portugal, 18–20 July 2022.
Presenting author (oral communication).
Biol. Life Sci. Forum 2022, 14(1), 19;
Published: 19 July 2022


The growing need for water supply, because of the massive population growth, causes continuous problems. Water is subjected to great pressures, diminishing its quality and affecting the flora and fauna that depend directly or indirectly on it, as well as humans. These aspects increase the cost of its treatment or the loss of water bodies for human consumption. One of the main problems that appear in inland water bodies is nutrient enrichment, which is associated with problems of eutrophication or even hypertrophy, which can cause massive blooms of cyanobacteria, altering or destroying aquatic ecosystems. This work focuses on the study of different physicochemical variables of inland water bodies in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula in the Ebro river basin, such as temperature, residence time, pH, total nitrogen, inorganic nitrogen, total phosphorus, orthophosphates, silicates and phycocyanin, in order to establish a relationship with cyanobacterial biovolumes and how they affect their proliferation. These variables were analyzed in the laboratory in order to, subsequently, carry out a correlation between variables and a multistatistical analysis of components. On the other hand, remote sensing was used by applying a previously developed algorithm to evaluate phycocyanin concentrations and compare them with in situ measurements. This provided significant correlations between the temperature, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and residence time according to the biovolume of cyanobacteria; we also obtained a negative correlation, for example, in the case of silicates. The results showed alarming levels of cyanobacteria in a large part of the reservoirs, which should be studied due to the danger associated with the possible appearance of cyanotoxins.

Author Contributions

Conceptualization, J.S. and R.P.-G.; Methodology, R.P.-G., J.S., X.S.-P. and M.D.S.; Software, R.P.-G., X.S.-P. and J.S.; Validation, J.S. and X.S.-P.; Formal analysis, R.P.-G., J.S. and X.S.-P.; Investigation, R.P.-G., J.S., X.S.-P. and M.D.S.; Resources, J.S. and M.D.S.; Data curation, J.S. and M.D.S.; Writing—original draft preparation, R.P.-G. and J.S.; writing—review and editing, R.P.-G., X.S.-P. and J.S.; Visualization, J.S., X.S.-P. and E.V.; Supervision, J.S. and E.V.; Project administration, E.V.; Funding acquisition, E.V. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.


Ebro Basin Authority administrative contracts in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Institutional Review Board Statement

Not applicable.

Informed Consent Statement

Not applicable.

Data Availability Statement

Satellite images available on ESA Copernicus Hub. Field data are available on request from authors.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Publisher’s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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Pérez-González, R.; Sòria-Perpinyà, X.; Soria, J.; Sendra, M.D.; Vicente, E. Effects of Physicochemical Variables on the Cyanobacteria Biovolume in Iberian Peninsula . Biol. Life Sci. Forum 2022, 14, 19.

AMA Style

Pérez-González R, Sòria-Perpinyà X, Soria J, Sendra MD, Vicente E. Effects of Physicochemical Variables on the Cyanobacteria Biovolume in Iberian Peninsula . Biology and Life Sciences Forum. 2022; 14(1):19.

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Pérez-González, Rebeca, Xavier Sòria-Perpinyà, Juan Soria, Maria D. Sendra, and Eduardo Vicente. 2022. "Effects of Physicochemical Variables on the Cyanobacteria Biovolume in Iberian Peninsula " Biology and Life Sciences Forum 14, no. 1: 19.

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