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Proceeding Paper

Flexible Spectral Precoding for OFDM Systems †

atlanTTic Research Center, University of Vigo, 36310 Vigo, Spain
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Presented at the 2nd XoveTIC Conference, A Coruña, Spain, 5–6 September 2019.
Proceedings 2019, 21(1), 24;
Published: 31 July 2019
(This article belongs to the Proceedings of The 2nd XoveTIC Conference (XoveTIC 2019))


Spectral precoding is a popular approach to reduce out-of-band radiation (OBR) in multicarrier systems in order to avoid adjacent channel interference. However, it introduces distortion in the data, appropriate decoding is required at the receiver side. Thus, trading off between implementation complexity, OBR reduction and error rate is important. We present a novel linear precoder design with flexibility to trade off OBR reduction, precoding/decoding complexity, and error rate at the receiver. Moreover, the constraint can be imposed on each subcarrier individually to provide more flexibility. The precoding matrices have low rank, which translates into significant computational savings. In this way, the requirements of different systems can be satisfied with varying complexity levels.
Keywords: OFDM; spectral precoding; out-of-band radiation ; sidelobe supression OFDM; spectral precoding; out-of-band radiation ; sidelobe supression

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Hussain, K.; López-Valcarce, R. Flexible Spectral Precoding for OFDM Systems. Proceedings 2019, 21, 24.

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Hussain K, López-Valcarce R. Flexible Spectral Precoding for OFDM Systems. Proceedings. 2019; 21(1):24.

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Hussain, Khawar, and Roberto López-Valcarce. 2019. "Flexible Spectral Precoding for OFDM Systems" Proceedings 21, no. 1: 24.

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