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Tropane alkaloids from a Brazilian bark traded as "Catuaba" †

Sabine Glasl
Armin Presser
Ingrid Werner
Ernst Haslinger
2 and
Johann Jurenitsch
lnstitute of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, PharmaCenter Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, A-1 090 Vienna, Austria
lnstitute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Karl Franzens University, Universitatsplatz 1, A-801 0 Graz, Austria
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Presented at the 50th Annual Congress of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, Barcelona, Sept. 8-1 2, 2002: Glasl S, Kletter Ch, Presser A, Narantuya S, Haslinger E, Jurenitsch J, Stifter K, Identification problems of various Catuaba samples traded in Brazil and Europe. Book of Abstracts, Revista de Fitoterapia 2002; 2 (Suppl 1): 8212
Author for correspondence and reprint requests.
Sci. Pharm. 2003, 71(2), 113-119;
Submission received: 2 November 2002 / Revised: 10 March 2003 / Accepted: 10 March 2003 / Published: 15 May 2003


Dichloromethane extracts of a Brazilian bark assigned as Anemopaegma mirandum contained four tropane alkaloids. MS-, UV-, IR-, 1H NMR-data and specific optical rotation allowed the identification of catuabin C and its 7-exo-hydroxy-20-methyl-derivative. As no alkaloids are described for Anemopaegma these results indicate heterogeneity for the investigated drug and require a further review.
Keywords: Catuaba; tropane alkaloids Catuaba; tropane alkaloids

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Glasl, S.; Presser, A.; Werner, I.; Haslinger, E.; Jurenitsch, J. Tropane alkaloids from a Brazilian bark traded as "Catuaba". Sci. Pharm. 2003, 71, 113-119.

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Glasl S, Presser A, Werner I, Haslinger E, Jurenitsch J. Tropane alkaloids from a Brazilian bark traded as "Catuaba". Scientia Pharmaceutica. 2003; 71(2):113-119.

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Glasl, Sabine, Armin Presser, Ingrid Werner, Ernst Haslinger, and Johann Jurenitsch. 2003. "Tropane alkaloids from a Brazilian bark traded as "Catuaba"" Scientia Pharmaceutica 71, no. 2: 113-119.

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