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Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(4), 1300-1303;

New Book Received
Marine Nutraceuticals: Prospects and Perspectives. By Se-Kwon Kim, CRC Press, 2013; 464 Pages. Price £108.00, ISBN 978-1-4665-1351-8
MDPI AG, Kandererstrasse 25, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland
Received: 4 April 2013 / Accepted: 11 April 2013 / Published: 17 April 2013
The following paragraphs are reproduced from the publisher’s website [1].
There is a great deal of consumer interest in natural bioactive substances due to their health benefits. Offering the potential to provide valuable nutraceuticals and functional food ingredients, marine-derived compounds are an abundant source of nutritionally and pharmacologically active agents, with both chemical diversity and complexity. Functional ingredients derived from marine algae, invertebrates, vertebrates, and microorganisms can help fill the need for novel bioactives to treat chronic conditions such as cancer, microbial infections, and inflammatory processes.
With contributions from an international group of experts, Marine Nutraceuticals: Prospects and Perspectives provides a comprehensive account of marine-derived nutraceuticals and their potential health benefits. These include antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral, anticoagulant, antidiabetic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, antibacterial, and radioprotective properties. The book focuses on various types of marine-derived compounds—such as secondary metabolites like phlorotannins and fucoxanthin, carotenoid pigments, chito-oligosaccharide derivatives from chitin and chitosan, bioactive peptides, and polysaccharides—presenting an overview of their nutraceutical activities.
Chapters address neuroprotecive properties of seaweeds, bioactive compounds in abalone, marine products and autoimmune disease, chitosan for weight management, anticancer actions of omega-3 fatty acids, chitosan in dentistry, and much more. The book discusses the sources, isolation and purification, chemistry, functional interactions, applications, and industrial perspectives of marine-derived nutraceuticals. The inaugural book in the new CRC Press series, Nutraceuticals: Basic Research/Clinical Applications, it provides a state-of-the-art reference for all readers interested in this growing field—a rich source for new compounds with promising uses in the nutraceutical, medicinal, and functional food industries.

Table of Contents

Series Prefaceix
1 Marine-Derived Nutraceuticals: Trends and Prospects
Se-Kwon Kim and Isuru Wijesekara1
2 Nutritional Value of Sea Lettuces
Se-Kwon Kim and Ratih Pangestuti5
3 Prospects and Potential Applications of Seaweeds as Neuroprotective Agents
Se-Kwon Kim and Ratih Pangestuti17
4 Chitosan-Based Biomaterials against Diabetes and Related Complications
Se-Kwon Kim and Fatih Karadeniz33
5 Nutraceutical Benefits of Marine Sterols Derivatives
Se-Kwon Kim and Quang Van Ta45
6 Nutritional Value, Bioactive Compounds, and Health-Promoting Properties of Abalone
Mahanama De Zoysa57
7 Marine Biopolymers in Asian Nutraceuticals
Ngo Dang Nghia and Se-Kwon Kim71
8 Marine Natural Antihypertensive Peptides from Styela clava Having Multifunctions of ACE Inhibition and NO Production in Endothelial Cells
Seok-Chun Ko, Se-Kwon Kim, and You-Jin Jeon87
9 Beneficial Effects of Marine Natural Products on Autoimmune Diseases
Mi Eun Kim, Jun Sik Lee, Se-Kwon Kim, and Won-Kyo Jung99
10 Extraction of Nutraceuticals from Shrimp By-Products
Trang Si Trung and Willem Frans Stevens115
11 Fucoidan: A Potential Ingredient of Marine Nutraceuticals
Se-Kwon Kim, Thanh-Sang Vo, and Dai-Hung Ngo131
12 Chitosan for Body Weight Management: Current Issues and Future Directions
Soon Kong Yong and Tin Wui Wong151
13 Prospects of Indonesian Uncultivated Macroalgae for Anticancer Nutraceuticals
Hari Eko Irianto and Ariyanti Suhita Dewi169
14 Active Ingredients from Marine Microorganisms for Modern Nutraceuticals
Se-Kwon Kim and Pradeep Dewapriya187
15 Potent Anticancer Actions of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids of Marine Nutraceuticals
Kaipeng Jing and Kyu Lim199
16 Chitosan Application in Dentistry
Yoshihiko Hayashi, Kajiro Yanagiguchi, Zenya Koyama, Takeshi Ikeda, and Shizuka Yamada233
17 Edible Marine Invertebrates: A Promising Source of Nutraceuticals
Se-Kwon Kim and S.W.A. Himaya243
18 Chitosan and Its Derivatives: Potential Use as Nutraceuticals
Jae-Young Je and Se-Kwon Kim257
19 Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides with Unusual Anticoagulant Action through an Additional Unrelated-Natural Inhibitors Mechanism
Bianca F. Glauser, Paulo A.S. Mourão, and Vitor H. Pomin267
20 Enzymatic Production of N-Acetyl-d-Glucosamine Using the Enzyme from the Liver of Squid
Masahiro Matsumiya301
21 High-Density Chitin–Chitosan Production and Beneficial in Health
Siswa Setyahadi313
22 Antioxidant Effects of Marine Food-Derived Functional Ingredients
Se-Kwon Kim, Dai-Hung Ngo, and Thanh-Sang Vo329
23 Biological and Biomedical Applications of Marine Nutraceuticals
Janak K. Vidanarachchi, Maheshika S. Kurukulasuriya, and W.M.N.M. Wijesundara345
24 Fucoidans from Marine Brown Macroalgae: Isolation, Identification, and Potential Biological Activities
Yasantha Athukorala and Yvonne V. Yuan393
Editor’s Note: The brief summary and the contents of the books are reported as provided by the author or the publishers. Authors and publishers are encouraged to send review copies of their recent books of potential interest to readers of Mar. Drugs to the Publisher (Dr. Shu-Kun Lin, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), Kandererstrasse 25, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland. Tel.: +41-61-683-77-34; Fax: +41-61-302-89-18; E-Mail: [email protected]). Some books will be offered to the scholarly community for the purpose of preparing full-length reviews.


  1. Marine Nutraceuticals—CRC Press Book. Available online: (accessed on 4 April 2013).
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