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PhD position in France : Scalable spintronics devices with reduced Pt and Ru content

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Grenoble, France


28 Sep 2018

Application Deadline

Pôle de recherche d'envergure mondiale, 1er pôle français de recherche publique après Paris-Ile de France, les établissements de la Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes jouissent d'une notoriété internationale dans de nombreux domaines scientifiques. La présence de grands organismes de recherche et de laboratoires d'excellence permet aux doctorants de bénéficier d'un environnement d'une qualité scientifique exceptionnelle, ouvert vers l'entreprise et l'international.

Spintronics aims at using the spin of the electrons to reveal new phenomena and use them in functional devices enabling to improve the performances of electronic circuits (particularly reducing their power consumption) and/or create new functionalities. Commercial applications have already emerged such as magnetoresistive read heads for hard disk drives and more recently new magnetic memories called MRAM. Spintronics is now accepted by microelectronic industry and its penetration in industry will exponentially grow in the coming years, especially for IoT applications. A key component in these devices is the magnetic tunnel junction, which contains a significant amount of strategic materials: Pt and Ru which are used to generate magnetic anisotropy or antiferromagnetic coupling in the functional magnetic layers. The thesis will aim at reducing the Pt and Ru contents by using ferromagnetic metals like Ni and Co-based alloys and improved stack designs, and at investigating their magnetic properties and thermal stabilities depending on the foreseen applications (consumer electronics vs automotive). The economic and environmental impact of these substitutions or suppressions will be evaluated thanks to the development of tools allowing following the amount of materials that can be saved depending on the different applications.

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