Paper Promotion Tips

How to Promote Your Article after It Is Published

Congratulations on the publication of your article. Promoting your work is an important part of the post-publication process which will increase the visibility, impact and citation of your work. MDPI will support you to promote your research papers within your scientific community, as well as to a wide audience.

What You Can Do to Promote Your Article

Social Media

  • Share your article on various social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley, and Twitter by clicking the link on the webpage of your article. Tagging @MDPIOpenAccess as well as key people in your field might lead to retweets: Your publication may become viral on social media!
  • Send a short text (up to 200 characters) to the MDPI assistant editor who was your contact for the publication of your manuscript, and he/she will then post it on the Journal Twitter account.
  • Write a blog post to explain the meaning and possible outcomes of your research. This will lead to higher engagement of your research community.
  • Ask your institution or society to post your paper on their social media accounts and to include a story about your paper in their newsletters.

Link Share

  • Share the article link directly with colleagues and peers in your field.
  • Add a link to your article in your email signature.
  • Update your personal and institutional websites by adding the title of your article and a link to it.

Academic Research-Sharing Platforms

  • Set up your profile on academic research-sharing platforms, such as SciProfiles, ResearchGate,, or Google Scholar, and add a short summary of your article.
  • Register an ORCID author identifier and add the article information to your profile.
  • Deposit your article to repositories (such as those run by your university) to make your research more discoverable.


  • Present your publication at conferences in the form of a presentation or a poster. You may participate in conferences relevant for your field organized by MDPI on


  • Produce a video abstract that briefly introduces your article.


  • Find a Wikipedia page on a topic related to your article and add a reference to your paper.

What We Do to Promote Your Article

MDPI takes a number of actions to promote and increase the visibility of your research articles.

High Visibility

  • All articles are immediately available worldwide under an open access license to maximize visibility.
  • Indexing databases receive article information from MDPI to increase readership and citations. We collaborate with Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, and many others.
  • All authors cited in your article are notified that you cited their article through our service.
  • Editors and reviewers are notified as soon as your paper is published.
  • Articles are listed in the journal’s Table of Contents Alerts and sent to regular subscribers.
  • Selected articles are reprinted for their promotion at conferences and other events.

Partnering Organizations

  • Metadata and other information are passed on to partnering organizations, including CrossRef, ORCID, and Publons.

Multiple Formats for Article

  • Multiple formats are available for each article, including machine-readable XML, PDF, and Epub.


  • If you post a preprint version on, we will update the abstract page and PDF to link to the published article.

Research-Sharing Platform

  • Interactive commenting and recommendation functions are available on all article abstract pages to encourage open scientific discussions.
  • The latest research is communicated via social media platforms (e.g., Twitter).
  • We will automatically add the article to your profile on the academic research-sharing platform SciProfiles.


  • Many Special Issues are compiled into books, which are announced via social media, available for purchase in hard copy, and displayed at conferences.
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