Phishing Emails – When Is an Email Sent from MDPI?

Authors may receive fraudulent emails requesting them to pay an invoice, review/submit a paper, click links or open attachments. The sender might try to impersonate legitimate MDPI members of our editorial team, who have already been in contact with you before.

Please note that emails requesting any payment or collaboration with MDPI will be sent exclusively from a “” address.

Here are some tips to avoid scams claiming they are a service from MDPI:

  1. Never click on suspicious links (hover your mouse over the link to check the real destination);
  2. Look closely at email addresses and websites: They often make small changes to known sites (e.g., instead of;
  3. Beware of “urgent” emails, and emails asking to update your password;
  4. Never pay any invoices that are not sent from [email protected] – please double-check the spelling of the address.
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