14 September 2023
International Journal of Plant Biology | Four New Sections Established and Scope Update

To further develop different research aspects and improve the clarity and accessibility for readers, under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Dr. Adriano Sofo, the International Journal of Plant Biology (IJPB, ISSN: 2037-0164) has established four new Sections and adjusted its scope.

New Sections:

  • “Plant Biochemistry and Genetics”;
  • “Plant Reproduction”;
  • “Plant Communication”;
  • “Application of Artificial Intelligence in Plant Biology”.

Additionally, we are currently recruiting Section Editorial Board Members and accepting applications for editorial positions.

New Scope:

The journal covers all different subdisciplines of plant biology:

  • Cellular biology;
  • Developmental biology;
  • Phytochemistry;
  • Phytoremediation;
  • Plant photobiology;
  • Plant signalling;
  • Plant evolution;
  • Plant morphology;
  • Plant phenology;
  • Plant propagation;
  • Plant breeding;
  • Seed technology;
  • Plant pathology;
  • Mycology;
  • Phycology.

The subject of the journal is divided into themed Sections which are reviewed regularly to keep them relevant.

For any queries or additional information, please kindly contact [email protected].

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