29 March 2023
Meet Us at the 9th International Conference “Towards a Humane City” (TAHC 2023), 19–20 October 2023, Novi Sad, Serbia

Conference: 9th International Conference | “Towards a Humane City”
Date: 19–20 October 2023
Location: The Science and Technology Park Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
Available online: https://humanecityns.org/organization/

The 9th International Conference “Towards a Humane City” (TAHC 2023) will be held from 19 to 20 October 2023, in Novi Sad, Serbia. The main topic of the TAHC 2023 conference is “Reshaping Mobility”. The presentation of research on new solutions that aid in everyday mobility in cities is most welcomed at this conference.

Thematic Fields of TAHC 2023:

  • Governance of smart and sustainable mobility in urban and suburban areas;
  • Future mobility data collection and demand modeling;
  • Public transport organization challenges;
  • Land use to support urban mobility;
  • Intelligent transport systems;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Traffic management and safety.

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