12 November 2020
RRIDs: Improving Rigor and Transparency in Scientific Publications

MDPI is pleased to announce its participation in supporting the Resource Identification Initiative. This project is aimed at improving traceability, reproducibility and reuse of materials reported in Life Sciences literature. Resources such as antibodies, cell lines, model organism and other tools (software and databases) are assigned unique searchable Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs), used for referencing purposes. Readers can then easily identify the resources cited, vendors and also other articles that report the same resource in a simple and convenient manner. MDPI strongly encourages authors in the fields of Life Sciences and Biomedical research to cite materials using the RRID identifiers.

Finding or Requesting an RRID:

  • RRIDs can be found on the Resource Identification Portal by entering your search terms in the search bar at the top of the page. Also provided are search tips to help you quickly identify the resource of your choice.
  • The RRID and identifier (for example “RRID:AB_90755”) can be directly inserted in your manuscript.
  • If you cannot find your resource listed, you can easily add it by following this link: https://scicrunch.org/resources/about/resource.

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