5 October 2020
Statement of Political Neutrality with Regards to Affiliation of Scientists at Ariel University

MDPI received several complaints from the scientific community regarding the affiliation of a Special Issue Guest Editor, specifically in regards to the location of Ariel University. Due to the nature of the complaints, on the 2nd September, MDPI requested advice from the Special Issue Guest Editor as to how we might respond to the issue, and included an example of a message received.

In the absence of further information, the Special Issue was taken offline temporarily. We realize that this has not been perceived by the public in a way that reflects our neutral principles.

On the 23rd September, we received an email from University representatives, and on the 25th September, we replied and informed them that we are politically neutral, and that the Special Issue remains offline whilst awaiting their advice.

On 5th of October, the Special Issue was restored online and on the 6th October, MDPI and Ariel University had a video call that clarified the misunderstanding and the neutral position of MDPI.

MDPI has published 81 papers by Ariel University affiliated authors in 2020 alone, so far. MDPI does not take political positions and we respect editorial independence. Whilst editorial content in MDPI journals might sometimes take a political position, it is not a reflection of MDPI’s views.

We take this opportunity to revise and strengthen our internal processes to ensure that MDPI upholds neutrality.

Contact: MDPI Communications
Last update: 7 October 2020

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