4 June 2018
Public Statement from the TTOA Consortium

The European Commission has recently opened tender to build an “Open Research Europe Publication Platform” in order to achieve its open access ambitions for 2020. The Consortium for a Transparent Transition to Open Access (TTOA), of which MDPI is a part, considered the call, but declined from submitting a proposal  to build and run a platform as currently described in the call for tender. This is principally due to the requirement to create a new platform housing a mega-journal, serving all disciplines uniformly.

The TTOA Consortium has instead developed a different approach to manage the transition to open access, while embracing all the final features specified in the ORE Call for Tender. The proposal of TTOA calls on the expertise and recognition of existing journals to screen the quality of articles to be published on the platform, provisionally called the “Open Publication Platform” (OPP).

You can download the public statement from the TTOA consortium here.


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