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Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2015

MDPI AG, Klybeckstrasse 64, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland
Received: 26 January 2016 / Accepted: 26 January 2016 / Published: 26 January 2016
The editors of Laws would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for assessing manuscripts in 2015.
We greatly appreciate the contribution of expert reviewers, which is crucial to the journal’s editorial decision-making process. Several steps have been taken in 2015 to thank and acknowledge reviewers. Good, timely reviews are rewarded with a discount off their next MDPI publication. By creating an account on the submission system, reviewers can access details of their past reviews, see the comments of other reviewers, and download a letter of acknowledgement for their records. In addition, MDPI has launched a collaboration with Publons, a website that seeks to publicly acknowledge reviewers on a per journal basis. This is all done, of course, within the constraints of reviewer confidentiality. Feedback from reviewers shows that most see their task as a voluntary and mostly unseen work in service to the scientific community. We are grateful to our reviewers for the contribution they make.
Alcaraz-Quiles, Francisco JoséGaze, BethMedina, M. Isabel
Andrews-Speed, PhilipGooding, PiersMorin, Steve
Arstein-Kerslake, AnnaGoodwin, EdwardNagelsen, Susan
Baldez, LisaGriffin, Clifford E.Nash, Jonathan R.
Barnes, MarkHarel, AlonNellis, Mike
Bartlett, PeterHarpaz, GuyNellis, Ashley
Baxi, UpendraHarrington, JohnO’Shea, Tom
Bayer, RonaldHartzog, WoodrowOrentlicher, David
Bigby, ChristineHasday, JillPasquale, Frank
Boisson De Chazournes, LaurenceHennette-Vauchez, StephaniePaternoster, Ray
Boon-Kuo, LouiseHerring, JonathanPaterson, Craig
Borry, PascalHolmqvist, RolfPerry, Joshua
Brewer, Thomas L.Honermann, BrianPfaff, John
Brooks, ThomIlles, JudyPrainsack, Barbara
Callaghan, SaschaJackson, JonathanProvine, Doris
Caro De Sousa, PedroJaquette, JaneQuinn, Gerard
Chadwick, RuthJobani, YuvalRoe, Michael
Clough, BeverleyJordana, JacintRubini, Luca
Coggon, JohnKaempf, AnnegretSnelling, Jeanne
Conley, AnnaKhan, FarrukhSteinbock, Bonnie
Coronado, RobertoKittilson, MikiSzmukler, George
DeSipio, LouisKoivurova, TimoTaeuber, Stacy
Di Leva, CharlesKrimsky, SheldonTetzlaff, Kerry
Diesfeld, KateLaing, JudyTignino, Mara
Dinerstein, RobertLarson, RhettVan Delden, J.J.M.
Eichelsheim, Veroni I.Lawson, Charlesvan der Sloot, Bart
Elliott, TraceyLazzarini, ZitaWagner, Jen
Enriquez, RogerLeigey, MargaretWagner, Markus
Faunce, ThomasLevine, Mark A.Wahrman, Miryam Z.
Fitzmaurice, MalgosiaLópez, María PabónWalker, Clive
Fletcher, RuthLuo, PingpingWeber, Rolf H.
Flowers, Roberta KempMacKinnon, Catharine A.Weller, Penelope June
Ford, JolyonMadjd-Sadjadi, ZagrosWest-Oram, Peter
Foster, Stephen H.Malinowski, Michael J.Whitehouse, Gillian
Francioni, FrancescoMartin, Alison B.Wilkinson, Margaret Ann
Freyenhagen, FabianMay, ChristopherWüstenberg, Moritz
Fudge, JudyMcCaffrey, Stephen
Gahagan, JacquelineMcDermott, Rose

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Laws Editorial Office. Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2015. Laws 2016, 5, 2.

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Laws Editorial Office. Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2015. Laws. 2016; 5(1):2.

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Laws Editorial Office. 2016. "Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2015" Laws 5, no. 1: 2.

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