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20 June 2013
Updated Impact Factors for MDPI Journals

We are pleased to announce the updated Impact Factors for the MDPI journals from the 2012 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2013). This new edition reports a strong positive trend for most of MDPI journals’ Impact Factors. Five MDPI open access journals received their first Impact Factors.

Journals with Updated Impact Factors

Journal 2012 Impact Factor Change Category Rank
Energies 1.844 -1.1%
(from 1.865)
38/81 (Q2) in ‘Energy & Fuels’
Entropy 1.347 +14%
(from 1.183)
37/87 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Multidisciplinary’
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 1.998 +25%
(from 1.605)
90/209 (Q2) in ‘Environmental Sciences’
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2.464 -5.2%
(from 2.598)
48/152 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Multidisciplinary’
Marine Drugs 3.978 +3.2%
(from 3.854)
6/59 (Q1) in ‘Chemistry, Medicinal’
Materials 2.247 +40%
(from 1.677)
54/239 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
Molecules 2.428 +1.8%
(from 2.386)
23/55 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Organic’
(Note added on 28 October 2013: after an update to the JCR, the title now appears on rank 24/57).
Nutrients 2.072 +206%
(from 0.676)
41/76 (Q3) in ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’
Sensors 1.953 +12%
(from 1.739)
38/75(Q3) in ‘Chemistry, Analytical’
15/26(Q3) in ‘Electrochemistry’
9/57(Q1) in ‘Instruments & Instrumentation’
Viruses 2.509 +67%
(from 1.500)
19/34 (Q3) in ‘Virology’

Journals with First Impact Factors

Journal 2012 Impact Factor Category Ranking
Forests 1.094 25/60 (Q2) in ‘Forestry’. Highest ranking open access journal in this category.
Polymers 1.687 31/83 (Q2) in ‘Polymer Science’. Highest ranking open access journal in this category.
Remote Sensing 2.101 7/27 (Q2) in ‘Remote Sensing’ category. Highest ranking open access journal in this category.
Toxins 2.129 50/85 (Q3) in ‘Toxicology’. Highest ranking general toxinology open access journal (covering toxins from animal, plant or microbial origin).
Water 0.973 53/80 (Q3) in ‘Water Resources’

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