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A special issue of Water (ISSN 2073-4441).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: closed (31 October 2011)

Special Issue Editors

Guest Editor
Dr. Andreas N. Angelakis
1 National Foundation for Agricultural Research (N.AG.RE.F.), Institute of Iraklio, 71110 Iraklio, Greece
2 Hellenic Union of Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage (EDEYA), 41222 Larissa, Greece
Website: http://www.a-angelakis.gr/
E-Mail: info@a-angelakis.gr
Phone: +30 2810225833
Fax: +30 2810245873

Guest Editor
Dr. Nikos Paranychianakis
Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, 73100 Chania, Greece
E-Mail: niko.paranychianakis@enveng.tuc.gr

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Managing water is a global challenge that impacts the environmental, social, economic and political cornerstones of our existence on Earth. Effluent reclamation and reuse provides opportunities to conserve water and maintain the quality of the existing fresh water supplies. Water reuse for various purposes is increasingly practiced throughout the world particularly in arid environments. It is meant to help close the anthropogenic water cycle and enable sustainable reuse of available water resources. When integrated to water resources management, it can be considered as an integral part of pollution control and water management strategies. It may also result in benefits to public health, the environment, and economic development.

The main objective of this special issue is to illustrate the benefits of water reuse in integrated water resources management and its role for water cycle management, water scarcity, climate change adaptation, and water in the cities of the future. Selected for publication papers will show the state of art of the different types of water reuse, e.g. agricultural irrigation, golf course and landscape irrigation and other urban and industrial uses, environmental enhancement, groundwater recharge, as well as indirect and direct potable reuse. In addition papers will cover various aspects related to water reuse, including treatment technologies, water quality, regulations, economics, public acceptance, risk assessment, benefits, keys for success and main constraints.

The purpose of this special issue is to promote importance, success, problems, constrains, challenges, and perspectives of water recycling and reuse worldwide as well as to demonstrate that all the water is reused and that planned water reuse is a cost competitive and energy saving option to increase water availability and reliability. It is a proven water scarcity solution to mitigate climate change by increasing water availability. The presentation of selected paper from all over the world will present the state of art on planning, designing and operation of water reuse projects including safety, sustainability, economical viability, and social benefits.

Therefore, we would like to call for submission of manuscripts to disseminate and share findings on water recycling and reuse issues. Publishable papers will be selected by a rigorous peer review procedure with the aim of rapid and wide dissemination of research results, development and application.

Original research or review manuscripts are invited in the following and related areas:

  • Water reuse planning, policy, monitoring requirements, and standards/criteria.
  • The role of water reuse for integrated water resources management.
  • Wastewater treatment technologies.
  • On-site and decentralized wastewater treatment systems.
  • Removal of trace organics and emerging contaminants.
  • Disinfection technologies.
  • Historical development of water reuse.
  • Agricultural and irrigation.
  • Landscape irrigation and other urban uses.
  • Industrial uses.
  • Environmental and recreational uses.
  • Groundwater recharge.
  • (In)direct potable reuse.
  • Water reuse and future cities.
  • Effluent disposal to waterways.
  • Economic and social aspects of production and use of recycled water.
  • Health and ecological risk analysis in water recycling applications.
  • Other related research issues.

Dr. N. V. Paranychianakis
Dr. A. N. Angelakis
Guest Editors


  • wastewater reclamation
  • wastewater treatment
  • onsite treatment
  • disinfection
  • history of water reuse
  • water recycling
  • wastewater reuse
  • nonpotable reuse
  • potable uses
  • effluent disposal
  • applications of recycled water
  • effluent reuse criteria
  • risk assessment
  • water pollution control

Published Papers (10 papers)

Water 2012, 4(2), 389-429; doi:10.3390/w4020389
Received: 27 February 2012; in revised form: 26 March 2012 / Accepted: 26 March 2012 / Published: 11 April 2012
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Water 2012, 4(1), 260-271; doi:10.3390/w4010260
Received: 6 February 2012; Accepted: 17 February 2012 / Published: 12 March 2012
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Water 2012, 4(1), 219-236; doi:10.3390/w4010219
Received: 23 January 2012; in revised form: 17 February 2012 / Accepted: 20 February 2012 / Published: 5 March 2012
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Water 2012, 4(1), 107-122; doi:10.3390/w4010107
Received: 30 December 2011; in revised form: 7 January 2012 / Accepted: 7 January 2012 / Published: 31 January 2012
Show/Hide Abstract | Download PDF Full-text (2079 KB) | Download XML Full-text

Water 2011, 3(4), 1092-1111; doi:10.3390/w3041092
Received: 4 August 2011; in revised form: 6 October 2011 / Accepted: 28 October 2011 / Published: 24 November 2011
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abstract graphic

Water 2011, 3(4), 1077-1091; doi:10.3390/w3041077
Received: 26 September 2011; Accepted: 26 October 2011 / Published: 14 November 2011
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Water 2011, 3(4), 988-1004; doi:10.3390/w3040988
Received: 9 September 2011; in revised form: 1 October 2011 / Accepted: 6 October 2011 / Published: 20 October 2011
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Water 2011, 3(4), 976-987; doi:10.3390/w3040976
Received: 4 July 2011; in revised form: 16 September 2011 / Accepted: 2 October 2011 / Published: 13 October 2011
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Water 2011, 3(4), 964-975; doi:10.3390/w3040964
Received: 6 July 2011; in revised form: 7 September 2011 / Accepted: 13 September 2011 / Published: 26 September 2011
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Water 2011, 3(3), 869-881; doi:10.3390/w3030869
Received: 3 August 2011; in revised form: 25 August 2011 / Accepted: 31 August 2011 / Published: 9 September 2011
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