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Special Issue Editors
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Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Measuring “Environmental Sustainability"
(Editor: Fausto Cavallaro)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 30 November 2015
Air Pollution Monitoring and Sustainable Development
(Editor: Daniel A. Vallero)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 31 May 2015
Challenges in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management
(Editor: Patrick A. Wäger)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 31 October 2015
Earth Observation and Geoinformation Technologies for Sustainable Development
(Editors: Jamal Jokar Arsanjani, Eric Vaz)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 01 August 2015
Environmental Education for Sustainable Development
(Editor: Armin Lude)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 01 May 2015 1
Renewable Electricity
(Editor: Arnulf Jäger-Waldau)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 30 April 2015 1
Sustainability of Resources
(Editor: Vincenzo Torretta)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 30 May 2015 17
Sustainability Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change
(Editor: Rafael D’Almeida Martins)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 31 May 2015 2
Sustainable Biochar
(Editor: Zhiyong Jason Ren)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 31 July 2015
Sustainable Development Goals: A Call for Frugal Innovations for a Resource-Scarce World
(Editors: Olli Varis, Minna Halme, Marko Keskinen)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 30 September 2015
Sustainable Use of Biomass Energy
(Editors: Susan Krumdieck, Deepak Pant)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 31 May 2015 1
Water Footprints and Sustainable Water Allocation
(Editors: Arjen Y. Hoekstra, Ashok K. Chapagain, Guoping Zhang)
Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources 28 February 2015 12
Challenges for Marketers in Sustainable Production and Consumption
(Editors: Panayiota Alevizou, Caroline J. Oates, Seonaidh McDonald)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 15 March 2015 10
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
(Editors: Yves Fassin, Mirjam Knockaert, Tom Vanacker)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 October 2015
How Better Decision-Making Helps to Improve Sustainability
(Editor: Kannan Govindan)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 31 December 2015
How does Outsourcing Affect the Economy and its Sustainability?
(Editor: Alessio Ishizaka)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 31 August 2015 1
Interdisciplinary Approaches and Methods for Sustainable Transformation and Innovation
(Editor: Sangkyun Kim)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 September 2015 2
Resilient Businesses: Assessment, Approaches and Technology
(Editors: Isabel Ramos, Rui Dinis Sousa)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 November 2015
Sustainable Business Models
(Editor: Adam Jabłoński)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 October 2015
Sustainable Governance in Northeast Asia: Challenges for Innovation Frontier
(Editors: Yongrok Choi, Malin Song, Seunghwan Myeong)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 October 2015
Sustainable Leadership and Management
(Editor: Gayle C. Avery)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 15 September 2015 2
Urban Land and Sustainable Development
(Editor: Yehua Dennis Wei)
Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability 30 October 2015 1
Creating Benefits through Life Cycle Thinking: Practices and Challenges from EcoBalance
(Editors: Yasuhiro Fukushima, Yasushi Kondo, Shinsuke Murakami, Masaharu Motoshita, Matthias Finkbeiner)
Sustainable Engineering and Science 30 September 2015
Environment and Energy: the Industrial Ecology perspective
(Editors: Santi Trovato, Giuseppe Ioppolo, Pauline Deutz, Luigi Ciraolo)
Sustainable Engineering and Science 31 October 2014 14
Sustainability in Electrical Engineering
(Editors: Nikos E. Mastorakis, Cornelia A. Bulucea)
Sustainable Engineering and Science 31 March 2015 5
Energy Conversion System Analysis
(Editor: Tatiana Morosuk)
Energy Sustainability 30 June 2015 2
Sustainable Energy Storage Applications for Renewable Generation Support
(Editor: Andreas Sumper)
Energy Sustainability 30 June 2016
The Impact of Feedstock on Property, Performance and Emissions of Biofuels
(Editors: Yuan-Chung Lin, Way Lee Cheng)
Energy Sustainability 30 November 2015
Planning, Development and Management of Sustainable Cities
(Editors: Tan Yigitcanlar, Md. Kamruzzaman)
Sustainable Urban and Rural Development 31 March 2015 4
Sustaining the Shrinking City: Concepts, Dynamics and Management
(Editors: William D. Shuster, Audrey L. Mayer, Ahjond S. Garmestani)
Sustainable Urban and Rural Development 30 December 2015
Critical Issues on Soil Management and Conservation
(Editor: Tiziano Gomiero)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife 01 November 2015
Enhancing Soil Health to Mitigate Soil Degradation
(Editor: Douglas L. Karlen)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife 01 November 2014 14
Sustainable Agricultural Governance
(Editors: Douglas H. Constance, Maki Hatanaka)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife 31 August 2014 5
Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage
(Editor: Henk Ritzema)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife 31 October 2015
Understanding, Measuring and Avoiding Food Waste across the Food Chain
(Editors: Kirrilly Thompson, Drew Dawson, Anne Sharp)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife 28 February 2015 7
Sustainability Approaches in Education
(Editors: Ian Thomas, Sarah Holdsworth)
Sustainability Education and Approaches 30 November 2014 8
Ecotourism and Sustainability Strategy
(Editor: Gianna Moscardo)
Sustainability of Culture and Heritage 31 August 2015
Sustainability of Cultural and Natural Heritage
(Editor: Victor T. King)
Sustainability of Culture and Heritage 28 February 2015 2
Sustainable Management of Geomorphological Heritage
(Editor: Maria Helena Henriques)
Sustainability of Culture and Heritage 28 February 2015 4
Efficient Green Chemistry and Global Access to Medicines
(Editor: Joseph M. Fortunak)
Sustainable Chemistry 31 July 2015
14th CIRIAF National Congress - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Francesco Asdrubali, Franco Cotana)
(none) 30 June 2014 25
15th CIRIAF National Congress – Environmental Footprint and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Francesco Asdrubali, Pietro Buzzini)
(none) 30 September 2015
40th Anniversary of 'The Limits to Growth'
(Editors: Shu-Kun Lin, Jørgen Randers)
(none) 30 November 2012 6
5th World Sustainability Forum - Selected Papers
(Editor: Max Bergman)
(none) 31 December 2015
Adaptation or Extinction
(Editors: Bruce E. Tonn, Donald G. MacGregor, Dorian Stiefel)
(none) 31 October 2012 17
Advanced Forum for Sustainable Development
(Editor: Marc A. Rosen)
(none) 30 October 2009 31
Advances in Sustainability: Selected Papers from 1st World Sustainability Forum
(Editor: Marc A. Rosen)
(none) 31 July 2012 22
Advances in Sustainability: Selected Papers from the Second World Sustainability Forum (2012)
(Editor: Marc A. Rosen)
(none) 30 April 2013 12
Assessment Methods Applied to Environmental Projects in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
(Editors: Sabrina Sorlini, Mentore Vaccari)
(none) 30 September 2013 8
Astrobiology and Sustainability
(Editor: Jesus Martinez-Frias)
(none) 28 February 2010 7
Atmospheric Pollution
(Editor: Pallav Purohit)
(none) 30 October 2009 6
Biotechnology and Sustainable Development
(Editor: Philipp Aerni)
(none) 31 March 2011 9
Borderland Studies and Sustainability
(Editors: Yuejing Ge, Shangyi Zhou, Yang Cheng)
(none) 30 January 2015 8
Bridging the Labor Market Gender Gap: Towards a Holistic Paradigm
(Editor: Parvinder Kler)
(none) 30 July 2015
Carbon reduction strategies and methods in transportation
(Editors: Bin Yu, Tao Feng)
(none) 01 June 2015 1
Changing the Energy System to Renewable Energy Self-Sufficiency (RESS) - Selected Papers from the RESS Conference, 15-16 September 2011, Freiburg, Germany
(Editors: Chantal Ruppert-Winkel, Jürgen Stefan Hauber)
(none) 30 November 2011 13
China and World Sustainability: The Present Problem and Solution for the Future
(Editor: Weidong Huang)
(none) 30 April 2015 3
Cities and Waterfront Infrastructure
(Editors: Luigi Fusco Girard, Peter Nijkamp, Karima Kourtit)
(none) 28 February 2013 13
Climate Change Impacts on Inland Fisheries
(Editors: Papa Sow, Gilbert Fokou)
(none) 01 April 2015 1
Communication for and about Sustainability
(Editors: Gerd Michelsen, Matthias Barth)
(none) 30 September 2013 9
Competitive and Sustainable Manufacturing in the Age of Globalization
(Editor: Tin-Chih Toly Chen)
(none) 30 October 2015 1
Constructing Heritage in the Light of Sustainable Development
(Editor: Marie-Theres Albert)
(none) 31 March 2013 5
Coping with Climate Change in Developing Countries
(Editor: Yosef Jabareen)
(none) 30 September 2012 6
Creative Solutions to Big Challenges
(Editor: Aled Jones)
(none) 20 January 2014 5
Degrowth: The Economic Alternative for the Anthropocene
(Editor: Nicolas Kosoy)
(none) 31 October 2012 6
Density and Sustainability
(Editor: Joo Hwa (Philip) Bay)
(none) 30 July 2014 9
Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Thomas J. Cova, Scott Miles)
(none) 31 July 2011 6
Ecological Footprint Indicator
(Editor: John Barrett)
(none) 31 March 2010 5
Economics of climate change impacts on developing countries: Selected studies on Sub-Sahara Africa and South-East Asia
(Editors: Wisdom Akpalu, Channing Arndt)
(none) 30 May 2015 3
Ecosystem Services and Institutional Dynamics
(Editors: Géraldine Froger, Olivier Petit)
(none) 28 February 2015
Education and Skills for the Green Economy
(Editors: Stephen Martin, Andrew McCoshan)
(none) 28 February 2014 6
Endangered Human Diversity: Languages, Cultures, Epistemologies
(Editor: Anders Breidlid)
(none) 31 October 2012 8
Energy Policy and Sustainability
(Editor: Daniel A. Farber)
(none) 31 December 2009 8
Engineering Sustainable Building Materials: Advancing the Structural Performance of Earth-based Technologies
(Editors: Esther Obonyo, Charles Kibert)
(none) 30 June 2010 7
Environment in Sustainable Development
(Editors: Stephen Morse, Ioannis Vogiatzakis)
(none) 30 March 2014 10
Environmental and Resource Economics
(Editor: Laura O. Taylor)
(none) 31 December 2011 9
Environmental Law for Sustainability
(Editor: Timo Koivurova)
(none) 30 March 2014 7
Environmental Laws and Sustainability
(Editors: Joel A. Mintz, John C. Dernbach)
(none) 28 February 2010 11
Environmental Sustainability and the Built Environment
(Editor: Bart A.G. Bossink)
(none) 31 October 2009 18
Exploring the nexus of responsibility for sustainable development; 3rd Symposium on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Toronto, Canada 7–10 June, 2015.
(Editors: Lez Rayman-Bacchus, Philip R. Walsh)
(none) 01 August 2015
Food Security and Environmental Sustainability
(Editor: Hilary Tovey)
(none) 31 August 2010 13
Geo-Informatics in Resource Management & Sustainable Ecosystem
(Editor: Yichun Xie)
(none) 30 December 2015
Government Policy and Sustainability
(Editor: Richard Matthew)
(none) 30 September 2015 5
Green Building
(Editor: Derek Clements-Croome)
(none) 30 April 2015 5
Green Business: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability
(Editor: David E. Ervin)
(none) 28 February 2013 7
Green Chemistry for Environment and Health
(Editor: Werner Bonrath)
(none) 30 October 2009 4
Hakka Tulou and Sustainability: The Greenest Buildings in the World
(Editor: Ruifeng (Ray) Liang)
(none) 16 August 2012 9
Information Society and Sustainable Development – selected papers from the 2nd International Scientific Symposium`2015
(Editors: Andrei Jean Vasile, Popescu Catalin, Zaharia Marian)
(none) 29 June 2015
Integrated River Basin Management and Regional Sustainable Development
(Editors: Xiangzheng Deng, Ram Babu Singh)
(none) 30 November 2014 19
International Migration and Sustainable Development: Globalization, Move-In Move-Out Migration and Translocal Development
(Editor: Annelies Zoomers)
(none) 15 November 2013 5
Land Use and Sustainability
(Editor: Brian Deal)
(none) 31 March 2010 16
Landscape and Sustainability
(Editors: Shangyi Zhou, Je-Hun Ryu)
(none) 30 April 2015 10
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
(Editor: Matthias Finkbeiner)
(none) 15 December 2010 8
Measuring Socio-Economic Well-Being
(Editor: Robert B. Richardson)
(none) 31 January 2013 7
New Studies in EROI (Energy Return on Investment)
(Editors: Doug Hansen, Charles A.S. Hall)
(none) 31 August 2011 21
Organic Farming and a Systems Approach to Sustainable Agroecosystems
(Editor: Jennifer Reeve)
(none) 15 January 2014 12
Passive House Development and High Energy Efficiency Sustainable Buildings
(Editor: Adrian Pitts)
(none) 15 January 2016
Pedagogy for Education for Sustainability (EfS) in Higher Education (HE)
(Editor: Ian Thomas)
(none) 30 August 2013 8
Plant Breeding for Sustainable Agriculture
(Editor: Kevin Murphy)
(none) 31 July 2011 12
Political Economy and Sustainability
(Editor: Robert Krueger)
(none) 30 June 2010 9
Proceedings of the 3rd International Sustainability Conference
(Editors: Claus-Heinrich Daub, Paul Burger)
(none) 20 January 2013 10
Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Sustainability
(Editor: Susan M. Koger)
(none) 31 January 2013 11
Reframing Sustainable Tourism
(Editor: Stephen F. McCool)
(none) 01 December 2013 5
Renewable Agriculture
(Editor: Stephen S. Jones)
(none) 30 October 2009 19
Renewable Energy and Sustainability
(Editor: Christopher J. Koroneos)
(none) 30 October 2009 8
Special issue of Sustainable Asia Conference 2014
(Editors: Yongrok Choi, Ning Zhang)
(none) 30 July 2014 12
Sustainability and Consumption
(Editor: Jack Barkenbus)
(none) 31 July 2011 18
Sustainability and Institutional Change
(Editor: Volker Beckmann)
(none) 28 February 2014 18
Sustainability in China: Bridging Global Knowledge with Local Action
(Editors: Mario Tobias, Bing Xue)
(none) 30 August 2014 17
Sustainability in Education: a Critical Reappraisal of Practice and Purpose
(Editor: William Scott)
(none) 31 January 2013 10
Sustainability in Fashion Business Operations
(Editors: Tsan-Ming Choi, Yongjian Li)
(none) 30 October 2014 12
Sustainability of Constructions - Integrated Approach to Life-time Structural Engineering
(Editor: Luís Bragança)
(none) 28 February 2010 6
Sustainability of Groundwater
(Editors: Peter Bayer, Johannes Barth, Veith Becker, Anssi Myrttinen)
(none) 31 October 2010 7
Sustainability of Wastewater Treatment Processes and Management: Past, Present and Future
(Editors: Giovanni de Feo, Andreas N. Angelakis)
(none) 20 December 2013 12
Sustainability Technologies and Applications for Green Cloud Computing
(Editors: Young-Sik Jeong, Jian-nong Cao, Neil Y. Yen)
(none) 30 July 2015 3
Sustainability through the Lens of Environmental Sociology
(Editor: Md Saidul Islam)
(none) 30 October 2015
Sustainability: An Impossible Future?
(Editor: Hilary Tovey)
(none) 30 October 2009 5
Sustainable Agroforestry
(Editor: Siegfried Bauer)
(none) 31 May 2013 5
Sustainable Branding and Marketing
(Editor: Rachel J.C. Chen)
(none) 31 December 2012 7
Sustainable Building
(Editor: Alan S. Fung)
(none) 30 April 2011 5
Sustainable Business and Development
(Editor: Rachel J.C. Chen)
(none) 31 August 2015 10
Sustainable Cities
(Editor: Peter Newman)
(none) 30 June 2014 19
Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Economies
(Editors: Istudor Nicolae, Andrei Jean Vasile, Popescu Gheorghe)
(none) 16 November 2014 16
Sustainable Development Goals
(Editors: Hironori Hamanaka, Mark Elder)
(none) 30 November 2013 7
Sustainable Development in Natural Protected Areas
(Editors: Martí Boada, Carles Barriocanal)
(none) 31 August 2012 10
Sustainable Education
(Editor: Stephen Martin)
(none) 30 October 2010 7
Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection: The Role of Science in Society
(Editors: Paolo Davide Farah, Piercarlo Rossi)
(none) 30 June 2015
Sustainable Food Chains
(Editor: Han Wiskerke)
(none) 30 October 2013 7
Sustainable Human Populations in Remote Places
(Editor: Dean Carson)
(none) 30 April 2010 6
Sustainable Land Use and Ecosystem Management
(Editor: Yu-Pin Lin)
(none) 31 December 2014 18
Sustainable Management of Marine Resources under Uncertainty: Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects
(Editor: Phoebe Koundouri)
(none) 30 April 2015 7
Sustainable Manufacturing
(Editor: Dan Zhang)
(none) 30 October 2011 7
Sustainable Nuclear Energy
(Editor: Hiroshi Sekimoto)
(none) 31 May 2012 15
Sustainable Policy on Climate Equity
(Editor: Paul Baer)
(none) 30 November 2011 5
Sustainable Tourism: Issues, Debates and Challenges
(Editors: Stefan Gössling, Michael C. Hall)
(none) 15 October 2010 5
Sustainable Urban Development
(Editor: Steffen Lehmann)
(none) 20 December 2014 13
Sustainable Waste Management
(Editor: Jay N. Meegoda)
(none) 31 October 2012 11
Sustainable Water Management
(Editor: Miklas Scholz)
(none) 30 October 2009 9
System Dynamics Simulation of Environmental and Resource Sustainability
(Editors: Richard G. Dudley, Allyson Beall King)
(none) 31 March 2011 8
Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration
(Editor: Susan Cordell)
(none) 31 December 2012 10
The Energy-Sustainability Nexus
(Editor: Thomas L. Theis)
(none) 15 November 2013 6
The Global Jatropha Hype—Drivers and Consequences of the Boom and Bust of a Wonder Crop
(Editors: Aklilu Amsalu, Annelies Zoomers)
(none) 28 February 2014 16
Towards Sustainability: Selected Papers from the Fourth World Sustainability Forum (2014)
(Editor: Marc A. Rosen)
(none) 30 April 2015 8
Towards Sustainability: Selected Papers from the Third World Sustainability Forum (2013)
(Editor: Marc A. Rosen)
(none) 30 May 2014 8
Towards True Smart and Green Cities?
(Editors: Thorsten Schuetze, Hendrik Tieben, Lorenzo Chelleri, York Ostermeyer, Marc Wolfram)
(none) 30 November 2015
Tragedy or Transcendence: Reflections on 'The Tragedy of the Commons'
(Editor: Richard Samuel Deese)
(none) 30 November 2012 6
Transportation and Sustainability
(Editor: Jack Barkenbus)
(none) 28 February 2015 6
Ubiquitous Green IT System for Sustainable Computing
(Editors: Jason C. Hung, Cho-Li Wang)
(none) 30 May 2015 7
Underutilized Plant Species: Leveraging Food and Nutritional Security, and Income Generation
(Editor: Jacqueline Hughes)
(none) 30 November 2013 6
Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
(Editor: Ken Tamminga)
(none) 15 February 2012 7
Waste, Garbage and Filth: Social and Cultural Perspectives on Recycling (none) 31 March 2010 8
ZEMCH Research Initiatives: Mass Customisation and Sustainability
(Editor: Masa Noguchi)
(none) 28 February 2015 9
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