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Part 3: Care, Work and Family

Interview With Shahra Razavi: Global Trends, Challenges and Controversies in the Areas of Care, Work and Family Relations

In Transitioning to Gender Equality, , Eds.


This interview opens up the chapter on Care, Work and Family. It analyzes international trends in women’s paid and unpaid work. Kristina Lanz and Shahra Razavi also discuss why—despite the increasing visibility of “women’s economic empowerment” on the international policy agenda—gender inequalities in the work place and at home persist and how they can be overcome. The interview also picks up important discussions on the role of men and masculinity in these debates, on the intersectional and globalized dimensions of work and care (i.e., care chains), and on the challenges of adopting a non-binary lens, when analyzing and assessing progress in gender equality, in the areas of care, work and the family.
Transitioning to Gender Equality
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Transitioning to Gender Equality

Christa Binswanger and
Andrea Zimmermann
, Eds.
Published: September 2021
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