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As an established academic publisher and open access pioneer, MDPI believes that the contemporary wave in academia of wider and faster dissemination of knowledge with open access should not be restricted to academic journals but should also capture and elevate book publishing.

Accordingly, MDPI Books offers academic authors the possibility to publish their work in various book forms. To us, whereas academic journals publish the very latest research according to their subject area, academic books are more an invitation to pause for a moment and allow for research reflection.

This reflection may take the form of an extensive discussion in short-form or full-length monographs, including doctoral theses from all fields, or it can take place in an academic conversation with other experts in edited volumes. Particularly the latter provide an opportunity for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange between or beyond different academic disciplines, respectively—the kind of exchange called for in view of the complex challenges we face today and in the future. The nexus of science, other modes of knowledge, and their orientation towards a sustainable future are especially near MDPI Books’ heart—as reflected, e.g., in our book series. As a series books are particularly well-suited for recording continuous scholarly endeavors regarding a particular question. If you are interested in editing a book volume or series or you have a monograph, textbook or project report manuscript to be considered for publication, please submit your proposal online.

MDPI Books Team

Laura  Wagner
Head of Book Division

Laura Wagner

Laura is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction to the Books Department. She ensures that our open access books align with our mission to make knowledge accessible to all. Laura leads the department's efforts to expand our book portfolio and reprint services and oversees their overall development, furthering our commitment to open access.


“My commitment to open access publishing is rooted in the belief that knowledge should be accessible to all. Leading the Books Division allows me to play a key role in opening doors to this transformative power. What's truly rewarding is working with a passionate team that shares this vision.”

Evan  Escamilla
Project Manager Books

Evan Escamilla

As Project Manager, Evan plays a multi-faceted role in our department. She oversees the book production processes, ensuring that our open access books are published efficiently and to the highest quality standards. In addition, Evan is responsible for managing various department-related projects that are essential to the smooth functioning of our publishing operation.


"Open access ensures that knowledge has the ability to reach not only the academic community but anyone remotely interested in the topic. Seeing the global impact of our work on all manner of authors and readers is gratifying"

Sarah  Hulbert
Commissioning Editor

Sarah Hulbert

Our Commissioning Editor, Sarah, is the driving force behind identifying and acquiring exceptional book projects. She collaborates with authors and editors to find innovative and impactful ideas to enrich our open access book collection.


"My approach is to seek out book projects that not only align with our open access mission, but also push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. I aim to identify projects that have the potential to make a significant impact in their respective fields."

Jelena  Milojevic
Book Editor

Jelena Milojevic

Jelena, our Book Editor, oversees books from their initial submission to the final publication. Her work ensures a smooth journey for our publications. She works closely with authors and editors to ensure that our publications are well structured, coherent and meet our quality standards.


"The greatest rewards for me as an editor lie in witnessing the transformation of raw manuscripts into impactful books and the satisfaction expressed by the author when their vision finally grows into something as tangible as a book. These experiences motivate me to dedicate even more to each subsequent project."

Jovana  Dubajic
Book Editor

Jovana Dubajic

Jovana ensures that the highest standards of quality and readability are met. She collaborates closely with authors, editors, reviewers, and internal teams to prepare manuscripts for publication while maintaining open access principles.


“The most gratifying aspect of the editorial process for me as an editor is knowing that my guidance and input have played a crucial role in helping authors succeed and in producing high-quality, effective content.”

Sherlyn  Tshering
Book Editor

Sherlyn Tshering

Sherlyn is instrumental in refining the content of our books to ensure they are cohesive and engaging. She works closely with authors and editors to bring their ideas to life and create valuable resources for our readers.


“It has always been a delight to collaborate seamlessly with authors and fellow editors to shape and develop their work. With a dedicated, supportive team in this collective pursuit, we closely assist authors in bringing their ideas to life.”

Sam  Rye
Marketing Assistant

Sam Rye

Sam plays a key role in promoting and elevating the visibility of our open access books. With a keen understanding of the significance of accessible knowledge, he works closely with the Books Department to create meaningful content and campaigns that resonate with our mission.


“I believe that knowledge should be accessible to all and shared widely. Working with this passionate team allows me to contribute to the dissemination of valuable insights, making a positive difference in the accessibility of knowledge.”

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