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Men and Masculinities: What Have They Got to Do with Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment?

In Transitioning to Gender Equality, , Eds.


This chapter addresses how men and masculinities are relevant for the positive promotion of gender equality, in the context of the persistence of gender inequality in society and policy development that impedes the achievement of SDG5 and other SDGs. This concerns both how gender regimes can and do change men, and how men can be and are involved in changing gender regimes. In particular, I address challenges in terms of organizing with and by men, and strategies for changing men and masculinities, including action against violence, and transnational approaches.
Transitioning to Gender Equality
Published in:

Transitioning to Gender Equality

Christa Binswanger and
Andrea Zimmermann
, Eds.
Published: September 2021
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