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Advanced Ocular Drug Delivery
(Editors: Tao L. Lowe, Dileep Reddy Janagam)
15 Dec 2017
Advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery
(Editor: Bozena B. Michniak-Kohn)
30 Dec 2013 5
Chitosan Biomedical Applications: Opportunities and Challenges
(Editors: Carla M. Caramella, Silvia Rossi, Giuseppina Sandri)
28 Feb 2018
Colloidal Drug Carrier Systems
(Editor: Reinhard Neubert)
30 Apr 2011 5
Dissolution Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Drugs
(Editors: Ecevit Bilgili, Rajesh N. Dave)
30 May 2018
Dosage Forms and Delivery Systems for Vaginal Therapy
(Editor: Natasa Skalko-Basnet)
30 Sep 2014 6
Drug Delivery to Brain
(Editors: Gert Fricker, Anne Mahringer)
31 Mar 2015 6
Drug Delivery Using Nanotechnology
(Editor: Dong Moon Shin)
31 Oct 2012 9
Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
(Editor: Tomomi Kimura)
15 Sep 2012 5
Electrospun and Electrosprayed Fibres for Drug Delivery
(Editors: Ian S. Blagbrough, Gareth R. Williams)
30 Nov 2017
Functional Nanohybrids for Drug Delivery
(Editors: Shang-Hsiu Hu, Chien-Wen Chang)
30 Apr 2018
Gene Therapy
(Editors: Yvonne Perrie, Defang Ouyang)
31 Jul 2011 6
Lipid-Based Dosage Form
(Editors: Paul W S Heng, Yishen Zhu)
31 May 2018
Liposome Technologies
(Editor: Timothy D. Heath)
30 Jun 2013 12
Liposome Technologies 2015
(Editor: Natasa Skalko-Basnet)
30 Apr 2016 8
Microencapsulation Technology Applied to Pharmaceutics
(Editors: Denis Poncelet, Thierry Vandamme)
31 Aug 2011 8
Microencapsulation Technology Applied to Pharmaceutics 2014
(Editors: Denis Poncelet, Thierry Vandamme)
29 Sep 2014 6
Microneedle Patches: Developing Strategies for Delivery
(Editors: Diganta B Das, Ololade Olatunji)
31 Aug 2015 8
(Editors: Leena Peltonen, Arvind K. Bansal)
15 Mar 2016 5
Nanotechnology Advances in Cancer Treatment
(Editors: Dimitrios A. Lamprou, Dennis Douroumis)
10 Apr 2018 3
Nanotechnology in Medical Therapeutic Formulations
(Editor: Murali Mohan Yallapu)
31 Jan 2017 6
New Paradigm of Gene Therapy
(Editor: Keiji Itaka)
31 May 2015 14
Nose to Brain Delivery
(Editors: Paolo Giunchedi, Elisabetta Gavini, Maria Cristina Bonferoni)
15 Jan 2018
Ocular Drug Delivery
(Editor: Alon Harris)
30 Dec 2011 5
Penetration Enhancement of Topical Formulations
(Editor: Keng Wooi Ng)
10 Dec 2017 1
Pharmaceutical Applications of Hot-melt Extrusion
(Editor: Mohammed Maniruzzaman)
31 Mar 2018
Pharmaceutical Crystallisation Science and Engineering
(Editors: Mingzhong Li, Tariq Mahmud)
30 Nov 2017
Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism in Canada: The Current Landscape
(Editors: Neal M. Davies, Kishor M. Wasan)
20 Dec 2017 17
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Children: Establishing Differences from Adults
(Editor: John F. Marriott)
30 Nov 2010 6
Preclinical Pharmacokinetics and Bioanalysis
(Editors: Lingzhi Wang, Xiaoqiang Xiang, Paul Chi Lui Ho)
31 May 2018
(Editor: Barbara R. Conway)
28 Feb 2013 5
Protein Therapeutics
(Editors: Mire Zloh, Steve Brocchini)
20 Mar 2018
Recent Technology of Transdermal and Topical Drug Delivery
(Editors: Kenji Sugibayashi, Yoshihiro Tokudome)
30 Jun 2017 5
Respiratory and Nasal Drug Delivery
(Editor: Remigius U. Agu)
20 Dec 2013 7
Smart Hydrogels for Drug Delivery
(Editors: Pietro Matricardi, Chiara Di Meo)
30 May 2018
Transdermal Drug Delivery
(Editor: Bozena B. Michniak-Kohn)
31 Aug 2011 8
What's on Board in Pharmaceutics
(Editor: Yvonne Perrie)
31 Jan 2010 9
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