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Special Issues - Molecules

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Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Subm. D/L
(Editor: Francesco Puoci)
Organic Synthesis 15 Oct 2008 8
Advanced Functional Dyes
(Editor: Chen-Yu Yeh)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jan 2018 7
Advances in Materials Derived from Polyhedral Boron Clusters
(Editor: Piotr Kaszyński)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2018 1
Advances in Organic Electrosynthesis
(Editor: Alan M Jones)
Organic Synthesis 15 Sep 2018
Advances in Silicon Chemistry
(Editor: Mitsuo Kira)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jul 2016 13
Advances in Silicon Chemistry 2018
(Editor: Mitsuo Kira)
Organic Synthesis 31 Oct 2018
Advances in Spiro Compounds
(Editors: László Somsák, Anthony J. Burke)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2018 13
Alkynes: from Reaction Design to Applications in Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Igor V. Alabugin)
Organic Synthesis 30 Oct 2018 1
Asymmetric Synthesis
(Editor: Noureddine Khiar)
Organic Synthesis 15 Dec 2009 9
Asymmetric Synthesis 2017
(Editor: Rafael Chinchilla)
Organic Synthesis 31 May 2017 9
(Editor: Scott Reed)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jan 2015 8
Calixarenes, Pillararenes, and Cucurbiturils
(Editors: Peter Cragg, Carl Redshaw)
Organic Synthesis 31 Aug 2017 6
Celebrating Two Centuries of Research in Selenium Chemistry: State of the Art and New Prospectives
(Editors: Claudio Santi, Luana Bagnoli)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2017 17
Chirality in Health and Environment: Recent developments
(Editors: Madalena M. M. Pinto, Carla Fernandes)
Organic Synthesis 31 Dec 2017 8
Coinage Metal (Copper, Silver, and Gold) Catalysis
(Editor: Sonia Carabineiro)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jan 2016 10
Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Japan
(Editor: Shunichi Fukuzumi)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2017 7
Cycloaddition Chemistry
(Editor: Robert A. Stockman)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2014 6
Cycloaddition Reactions in Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Janis Louie)
Organic Synthesis 30 Nov 2010 6
Dendrimers - from Synthesis to Applications
(Editor: Afang Zhang)
Organic Synthesis 29 Feb 2012 9
Design and Study of Kinase Inhibitors
(Editor: Philippe Belmont)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2014 15
Design and Synthesis of Novel Conjugated and Non Conjugated Small Molecules
(Editor: Panayiotis A. Koutentis)
Organic Synthesis 1 Aug 2015 15
Direct (Hetero)Arylation: A New Tool for Organic Electronics
(Editor: Mario Leclerc)
Organic Synthesis 30 Jun 2018 5
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
Organic Synthesis 28 Feb 2008 5
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
Organic Synthesis 30 May 2016 5
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
Organic Synthesis 20 Jul 2018 1
Enantioselective Catalysis
(Editors: Laura Palombi, Antonio Massa)
Organic Synthesis 31 Aug 2018 3
Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
(Editor: Lajos Novak)
Organic Synthesis 10 Nov 2014 18
Fluorescent Probes
(Editor: Kevin D. Belfield)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2014 9
Fluorine Chemistry 2016
(Editor: Bela Torok)
Organic Synthesis 31 Aug 2016 17
Free Radicals and Radical Ions
(Editors: John C. Walton, Francon Williams)
Organic Synthesis 31 Aug 2014 17
Free Radicals in Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Fawaz Aldabbagh)
Organic Synthesis 10 May 2016 5
Frontier in Green Chemistry Approaches
(Editor: Kei Saito)
Organic Synthesis 30 May 2015 14
Frontiers in Metal-Catalysed Cross-Coupling Reactions for the Synthesis and Functionalisation of Heterocycles
(Editors: Artur M. S. Silva, Maria Manuel Marques)
Organic Synthesis 31 May 2018
Halogen Bonds and Beyond
(Editor: Ibon Alkorta)
Organic Synthesis 15 Nov 2017 10
Heck Coupling
(Editor: Cinzia Chiappe)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jan 2010 9
(Editors: Derek J. McPhee, Shu-Kun Lin)
Organic Synthesis 15 Dec 2011 36
Indium in Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Akio Baba, Makoto Yasuda )
Organic Synthesis 30 May 2018 2
Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding
(Editor: Ronald K. Castellano)
Organic Synthesis 30 Jun 2014 10
Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding 2017
(Editor: Steve Scheiner)
Organic Synthesis 1 Feb 2017 16
Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents for Synthesis, Materials and Energy
(Editor: Hua Zhao)
Organic Synthesis 10 Jan 2017 12
Ionic Liquids in Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Jason P. Hallett)
Organic Synthesis 31 Oct 2015 11
Macromolecules: Chemistry, Medicinal and Functional Materials
(Editors: Elena Ivanova, Russell Crawford)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jan 2010 9
MCRs and Related One-Pot Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Romano V. A. Orru)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jul 2016 6
(Editors: Koichi Komatsu, Carsten Bolm)
Organic Synthesis 20 Jun 2016 6
Metal Nanocatalysts in Green Synthesis and Energy Applications
(Editors: Nicola Cioffi, Antonio Monopoli, Massimo Innocenti)
Organic Synthesis 30 Aug 2016 8
Metal-Organic Frameworks: Chemistry and Applications
(Editor: Dong-Sheng Li)
Organic Synthesis 30 Mar 2015 5
Microwave Assisted Synthesis
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
Organic Synthesis 15 Sep 2011 21
Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Marilena Radoiu, Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, Annie Mayence)
Organic Synthesis 15 Oct 2015 5
Modern Synthesis of Nitriles: Industrial Processes & Emerging Approaches
(Editors: Harald Gröger, Tobias Betke)
Organic Synthesis 31 Aug 2018
Multicomponent Reactions
(Editor: Cimarelli Cristina)
Organic Synthesis 7 Sep 2018
Nano-Structural Photocatalytic Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
(Editors: Jimmy C. Yu, Wing-Kei Ho)
Organic Synthesis 30 Nov 2015 10
Nanometer-Size Glyconanoparticles: Synthesis and Biomedical Applications
(Editor: René Roy)
Organic Synthesis 31 Mar 2018 1
Olefin Metathesis
(Editor: Georgios C. Vougioukalakis)
Organic Synthesis 30 Nov 2015 8
Organic Azides
(Editor: Klaus Banert)
Organic Synthesis 30 Oct 2015 8
(Editor: Guofu Zhong)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2012 10
Organophosphorus Chemistry
(Editor: György Keglevich)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2013 9
Organophosphorus Chemistry 2018
(Editor: György Keglevich)
Organic Synthesis 30 Sep 2018 1
Palladium Catalysts
(Editors: Diego A. Alonso, Isidro M. Pastor)
Organic Synthesis 15 May 2014 7
Pericyclic Reactions
(Editor: Mark A. Rizzacasa)
Organic Synthesis 30 Jul 2016 6
Photocatalysis Printed Edition available
(Editor: Pierre Pichat)
Organic Synthesis 15 Aug 2014 31
Photochemistry in Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Joaquim Luís Faria)
Organic Synthesis 31 Mar 2010 8
Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
(Editors: Michael Hanack, João Paulo C. Tomé, Augusto C. Tomé)
Organic Synthesis 10 Apr 2017 16
Protecting Group in Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Jyoti Chattopadhyaya, Andras Földesi)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2011 7
Radical Chemistry
(Editor: John C. Walton)
Organic Synthesis 10 Feb 2018 10
Reactions of Hydrocarbons and other C‒H Compounds
(Editor: Georgiy B. Shul'pin)
Organic Synthesis 10 Dec 2016 6
Recent Advancements in Polymer-Supported Catalysis
(Editor: Maurizio Benaglia)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2016 6
Recent Advances in Boron Chemistry
(Editor: John Spencer)
Organic Synthesis 15 Mar 2015 6
Recent Advances in CuAAC Click Chemistry
(Editor: James Crowley)
Organic Synthesis 30 Sep 2016 6
Recent Advances in Flow Chemistry
(Editor: Kerry Gilmore)
Organic Synthesis 15 Aug 2016 7
Recent Advances in Nitrogen-containing Aromatic Heterocycles
(Editor: Fawaz Aldabbagh)
Organic Synthesis 1 Dec 2018
Recent Advances in Organophosphorus Chemistry
(Editor: György Keglevich)
Organic Synthesis 30 Sep 2016 10
Recent Synthetic Aspects on the Chemistry of Nitro, Nitroso and Amino Compounds
(Editor: Alessandro Palmieri)
Organic Synthesis 10 Jun 2016 8
Ring-Opening Polymerization
(Editors: Atsushi Sudo, Takeshi Endo)
Organic Synthesis 28 Feb 2015 12
Selenium and Tellurium Chemistry
(Editor: Rudolf Pietschnig)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2013 24
Selenium Catalysts and Antioxidants
(Editor: Thomas G. Back)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2015 12
Small Molecule Near Infrared Contrast Agents: Synthesis and Applications
(Editor: Maged Henary)
Organic Synthesis 30 Sep 2018
Solid Phase Synthesis
(Editors: Fernando Albericio, Jan Spengler)
Organic Synthesis 30 May 2010 11
Solid Phase Synthesis
(Editor: Viktor Krchnak)
Organic Synthesis 15 May 2018
Spatial Organization of Multi-Porphyrins for Pre-Defined Properties
(Editor: Nathalie Solladié)
Organic Synthesis 30 Sep 2018
Stereogenic Centers
(Editor: Alejandro Baeza Carratalá)
Organic Synthesis 30 Jul 2018 2
Sulfur-Nitrogen Heteroaromatics
(Editors: Panayiotis A. Koutentis, Andreas S. Kalogirou)
Organic Synthesis 10 Apr 2016 9
Synthesis and Applications of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
(Editors: Michael James Whitcombe, Ian A. Nicholls)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2018 3
Synthesis and Applications of Stimuli-Responsive Nanomaterials
(Editor: Il Kim)
Organic Synthesis 10 May 2018 2
Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds from the Chiral Pool
(Editors: Carlo Siciliano, Constantinos M. Athanassopoulos)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jun 2016 7
Synthesis, Structure, Analysis and Properties of Glycolipids
(Editor: Paul V. Murphy)
Organic Synthesis 20 Sep 2013 6
Tetrapyrroles, Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
(Editor: Giuseppe Mele)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jul 2015 29
Tetrapyrrolic Macrocycles: Synthesis, Functionalization and Applications
(Editors: M. Graça P. M. S. Neves, M. Amparo F. Faustino)
Organic Synthesis 15 Jan 2016 12
Tetrapyrrolic Macrocycles: Synthesis, Functionalization and Applications 2018
(Editors: M. Graça P. M. S. Neves, M. Amparo F. Faustino, Nuno M. M. Moura)
Organic Synthesis 15 Nov 2018
Tri- and Di-Fluoromethylation and Tri- and Di-Fluoromethylchalcogenation Reactions
(Editor: Thierry Billard)
Organic Synthesis 30 Apr 2017 5
Women in Organic Chemistry
(Editor: Margaret A. Brimble CNZM, FRSNZ)
Organic Synthesis 8 Mar 2017 16
Zeolite Chemistry
(Editor: Geoffrey L. Price)
Organic Synthesis 31 Jan 2015 6
20th Anniversary of Molecules—Recent Advances in Natural Products
(Editors: Maurizio Battino, Etsuo Niki, José L. Quiles)
Natural Products 15 Dec 2015 15
Advances in Anthocyanin Research 2018
(Editors: M. Monica Giusti, Gregory T. Sigurdson)
Natural Products 10 May 2018 7
Advances in Natural Polysaccharides Research
(Editor: Quan-Bin Han)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2018 11
Advances in Plant Alkaloid Research
(Editor: John C. D'Auria)
Natural Products 15 Sep 2019 1
Alkaloids: Novel Therapeutic Perspectives
(Editors: Patrícia Valentão, Mariana Sottomayor)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2014 44
Anthocyanins Printed Edition available
(Editors: Ronald E. Wrolstad, M. Monica Giusti, Wilhelmina Kalt)
Natural Products 30 Sep 2014 20
Aromas and Volatiles of Fruits
(Editor: Riccardo Flamini)
Natural Products 20 Sep 2014 8
Artemisinin: Against Malaria, Cancer and Viruses
(Editor: Svetlana B. Tsogoeva)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2017 10
Bile Acids
(Editor: Erkki Kolehmainen)
Natural Products 30 Aug 2007 9
Bioactive Natural Peptides As A Pipeline For Therapeutics
(Editor: Philippe Bulet)
Natural Products 30 Sep 2017 15
Bioactives from Bioprocessing: Sources and Production
(Editors: Luisella Verotta, Alessandra Napolitano)
Natural Products 15 Aug 2018 2
Biosynthesis of Natural Products
(Editor: Tobias A. M. Gulder)
Natural Products 20 Jul 2016 8
(Editor: Pin Ju Chueh)
Natural Products 30 Apr 2016 9
Capsaicin 2018
(Editor: Pin Ju Chueh)
Natural Products 15 Nov 2018
Catechin in Human Health and Disease
(Editor: Mamoru Isemura)
Natural Products 31 Jul 2018 7
Catechins and Human Health: Current State of the Science
(Editor: Joshua D. Lambert)
Natural Products 31 Aug 2016 9
Chemical Biology of Sterols, Triterpenoids and Other Natural Products: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor W. David Nes on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
(Editors: Wenxu Zhou, De-an Guo)
Natural Products 16 Aug 2018 2
Cinnamic Acids Hybrids with Biological Interest
(Editor: Dimitra Hadjipavlou-Litina)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2014 6
Coumarins and Xanthones
(Editor: Pascal Richomme)
Natural Products 31 Jan 2012 16
Coumarins, Xanthones and Related Compounds
(Editor: Pascal Richomme)
Natural Products 15 Sep 2015 15
Curcumin, Inflammation, and Chronic Diseases: How are They Linked?
(Editors: Bharat B. Aggarwal, Sahdeo Prasad)
Natural Products 30 Sep 2014 14
Current Trends in Ginseng Research
(Editors: Anusha Chaparala, Lorne Hofseth, Woo-Sik Jeong)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2017 17
Dietary Antioxidants: Evidence of Protective Effects against Chronic Disease
(Editor: Fabio Galvano)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2018 10
Diterpene and Its Significance in Natural Medicine
(Editors: Quan-Bin Han, Jian-Xin Pu)
Natural Products 31 Dec 2016 9
Diversity of Alkaloids
(Editor: Michael Wink)
Natural Products 30 Sep 2016 16
Diversity of Terpenoids
(Editor: Motoo Tori)
Natural Products 15 Nov 2017 14
Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases
(Editors: Valeria Patricia Sülsen, Albertina Moglioni)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2019
Effects of Natural Products in the Context of Cardiometabolic Disease
(Editors: Atanas G. Atanasov, Karel Šmejkal, Elke Heiss)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2016 11
Essential Oils as Antimicrobial and Anti-infectious Agents
(Editors: Daniela Rigano, Adriana Basile)
Natural Products 20 Jul 2018 13
Essential Oils: Chemistry and Bioactivity
(Editor: Olga Tzakou)
Natural Products 31 May 2017 19
Extractable and Non-Extractable Antioxidants
(Editors: Alessandra Durazzo, Massimo Lucarini)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2018 7
Flavonoids: From Structure to Health Issues
(Editor: Celestino Santos-Buelga)
Natural Products 30 Sep 2016 31
Green Extraction of Natural Product: Innovative Techniques, Alternative Solvents and Original Procedures
(Editors: Farid Chemat, Giancarlo Cravotto, Young Hae Choi)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2017 17
Green Production of Bioactive Natural Products
(Editors: Giancarlo Cravotto, Francisco J. Barba)
Natural Products 15 Mar 2017 11
Improvements for Resveratrol Efficacy
(Editors: Norbert Latruffe, Ole Vang, Dominique Vervandier-Fasseur)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2017 15
Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Bioactive Compounds (Dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Charles D. Hufford)
(Editors: Muhammad Ilias, Charles L. Cantrell)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2018 1
(Editors: Tzi Bun NG, Jack Ho WONG, Evandro Fei FANG)
Natural Products 15 Nov 2014 24
Lectins: From Basic Science to Application for Glycobiology, Cell Biology, and Medicine
(Editors: Tomohisa Ogawa, Hiroaki Tateno)
Natural Products 20 Apr 2018 2
Lichens: Chemistry, Ecological and Biological Activities
(Editors: Sophie Tomasi, Joel Boustie)
Natural Products 15 Jan 2017 7
Lignin for Energy, Chemicals and Materials
(Editors: Charles Xu, Michael Paleologou)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2018 6
(Editor: Elefteria Psillakis)
Natural Products 15 Apr 2014 9
Natural Antioxidants and Ageing
(Editor: Maurizio Battino)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2014 29
Natural Bioactives in Anti-Obesity Therapy
(Editors: Min-Hsiung Pan, Filomena Conforti)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2018
Natural Flavonoids: Structure Elucidation, Distribution and Applications
(Editor: Tsukasa Iwashina)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2018 2
Natural Polysaccharides
(Editors: Quan-Bin Han, Sunan Wang, Shaoping Nie)
Natural Products 30 Apr 2017 25
Natural Polysaccharides: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Analysis
(Editor: Shao-ping Li)
Natural Products 10 Jan 2012 14
Natural Product Inspired Scaffolds Designs
(Editor: Kamal Kumar)
Natural Products 30 Apr 2017 5
Natural Product: A Continuing Source of Novel Drug Leads
(Editor: David J. Newman)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2017 9
Natural Products and Chronic Diseases
(Editors: Dong-Kug Choi, Palanivel Ganesan)
Natural Products 30 Apr 2017 32
Natural Products and Inflammation
(Editor: Norbert Latruffe)
Natural Products 15 Jul 2016 29
Natural Products in Anti-Obesity Therapy
(Editors: Min-Hsiung Pan, Filomena Conforti)
Natural Products 31 Aug 2016 15
Natural Products Used as Foods and Food Ingredients
(Editors: Mingfu Wang, Yueliang Zhao)
Natural Products 15 Dec 2018
Natural Toxins
(Editor: Mary Fletcher)
Natural Products 10 Mar 2016 13
Neglected Diseases: Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
(Editor: Ronan Batista)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2009 12
New Frontiers on the Metabolism, Bioavailability and Health Effects of Phenolic Compounds
(Editors: Rafael Llorach, Pedro Mena)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2016 19
New Methodologies in Natural Product Analytics and Structure Elucidation
(Editor: Stefan Berger)
Natural Products 31 Aug 2017 23
New Technologies for the Recovery of Natural Products
(Editors: Nigel Brunton, Mohammad Hossain, Dilip Rai)
Natural Products 30 Jul 2015 12
Nucleic Acids
(Editor: Per H.J. Carlsen)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2009 13
Phenolics and Polyphenolics
(Editors: José Alberto Pereira, Paula B. Andrade)
Natural Products 15 Oct 2010 105
Phytoalexins: Current Progress and Future Prospects Printed Edition available
(Editor: Philippe Jeandet)
Natural Products 30 Apr 2014 19
Plant Associated Microbes as Source of New Pharmacophores and Bioactive Compounds
(Editors: Harinantenaina Liva Rakotondraibe, Shugeng Cao)
Natural Products 30 Oct 2018
Plant Derived Natural Products and Age Related Diseases
(Editors: Hermann Stuppner, Leandros A. Skaltsounis)
Natural Products 31 Jan 2018 9
Plant Polyphenols as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Diabetes and Obesity
(Editors: Solomon Habtemariam, Giovanni Lentini)
Natural Products 31 May 2017 8
(Editor: Kira J. Weissman)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2016 6
Polyphenols and Cardiovascular Disease
(Editor: Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventós)
Natural Products 20 Nov 2016 5
Polysaccharides: Organic Chemistry, Bioactivity and Analysis, including Those from Medicinal Plants and Fungi
(Editor: Shao-ping Li)
Natural Products 1 Jun 2008 12
Potential Neuromodulatory Profile of Phytocompounds in Brain Disorders Printed Edition available
(Editor: Luigia Trabace)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2016 12
Psychoactive Natural Products
(Editor: Wayne W. Harding)
Natural Products 15 Sep 2018
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Bioactive Natural Products
(Editor: Maria Carla Marcotullio)
Natural Products 31 Oct 2018 1
(Editors: Arthur S. Polans, Paul van Ginkel, Veronika Somoza)
Natural Products 31 Aug 2014 13
Saffron (Crocus sativus, L.): Omics and Other Techniques in Authenticity, Quality and Bioactivity Studies
(Editors: Maria Z. Tsimidou, Petros A. Tarantilis)
Natural Products 30 Nov 2015 8
Selected papers from 2nd International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (2-ISPMF, Fuzhou, 2017)
(Editors: Pinarosa Avato, Baodong Zheng, Jianbo Xiao)
Natural Products 15 Feb 2017 18
Selected Papers from the 6th International Conference on Natural Products for Health and Beauty (NATPRO 6)
(Editors: Anake Kijjoa, Bungorn Sripanidkulchai, Maria Emília de Sousa)
Natural Products 20 Feb 2016 9
Special Issue Dedicated to Late Professor Takuo Okuda, “Tannins and Related Polyphenols Revisited: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biological Activities”
(Editors: Hideyuki Ito, Tsutomu Hatano, Takashi Yoshida)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2018 7
Special Issue in Honor of Professor Nikolaus (Klaus) Fischer on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editors: Thomas J. Schmidt, Wolfgang M. Schuehly)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2017 5
Structure-Activity Relationship of Flavonoids
(Editor: H.P. Vasantha Rupasinghe)
Natural Products 15 Jan 2014 6
Structure-Activity Relationship of Natural Products
(Editor: Jean-Marc Sabatier)
Natural Products 31 Dec 2016 12
Structure-Activity Relationship of Natural Products 2018
(Editor: Antonio Evidente)
Natural Products 30 May 2018 5
Structure, Chemical Analysis, Biosynthesis, Metabolism, Molecular Engineering and Biological Functions of Phytoalexins Printed Edition available
(Editor: Philippe Jeandet)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2017 14
Synthesis and Modification of Natural Product
(Editors: Qing-Wen Zhang, Chuang-Chuang Li)
Natural Products 15 May 2017 10
Targeting Oncogenic Transcription Factors by Compounds Derived from Mother Nature
(Editor: Gautam Sethi)
Natural Products 15 Oct 2018
The Antioxidant Capacities of Natural Products
(Editor: Susana M. Cardoso)
Natural Products 30 Jun 2018 12
The Chemistry of Alliums
(Editors: Alan J. Slusarenko, Martin C.H. Gruhlke)
Natural Products 28 Feb 2017 10
Triterpenes and Triterpenoids 2013
(Editor: Vassilios Roussis)
Natural Products 31 Jan 2013 36
Versatile Coumarins
(Editor: Perry T. Kaye)
Natural Products 15 Aug 2017 5
20th Anniversary of Molecules—Recent Advances in Medicinal Chemistry
(Editors: Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, Michael Berger, Osvaldo Andrade Santos-Filho, Sylvain Rault, Melanie T. Cushion)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Dec 2015 8
25th Anniversary of the Amyloid Hypothesis and Alzheimer Disease
(Editors: Birgit Hutter-Paier, Stephan Schilling)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Mar 2018 10
Advances in Photodynamic Therapy 2018
(Editor: Michael R. Hamblin)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jul 2018 1
Anti-inflammatories against Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Editor: Dimitra Hadjipavlou-Litina)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Nov 2018
Anti-inflammatory Agents
(Editor: Muraleedharan G. Nair)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Aug 2017 12
Antiparasitic Agents
(Editor: Christophe Dardonville)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 May 2015 5
Application of Computational Methods in Drug Design
(Editors: Rino Ragno, Milan Mladenović)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Aug 2018
Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Biomedicine
(Editor: Jon Dobson)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Oct 2017 5
Artemisinin (Qinghaosu): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Youyou Tu on the Occasion of her 80th Anniversary
(Editor: Geoff Brown)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Dec 2009 12
Bioactive Compounds for Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
(Editor: Natalie C. Ward)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Mar 2018 12
Bioactive Nucleosides and Nucleotides
(Editor: Christian Ducho)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 May 2018
Biological Activity of Secondary Metabolites
(Editors: Helen D. Skaltsa, Marina Sokovic)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2018 11
Biomedical Applications of Polylactide (PLA) and its Copolymers
(Editors: Gaetano Giammona, Emanuela Fabiola Craparo)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Sep 2017 9
CADD of Benzimidazole and other Heterocyclic Compounds Targeting GPCRs
(Editors: Jaime Mella Raipan, David Pessoa Mahana, Gonzalo Recabarren Gajardo)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Jun 2018
Can Membrane Transporters Contribute to Drug Discovery?
(Editor: Maria Emília de Sousa)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jan 2017 7
Cancer Chemoprevention
(Editor: Santosh K. Katiyar)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Feb 2017 13
Cardiotonic Steroids
(Editor: Robert Kiss)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Feb 2017 6
Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)
(Editor: Marc Devocelle)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Apr 2015 5
Chalcone: A Privileged Structure in Medicinal Chemistry
(Editors: Angela Rampa, Alessandra Bisi)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 May 2018 4
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Modulators of Oxidative Stress
(Editors: Luciano Saso, László Dux, Grzegorz Wegrzyn, Tamás Csont)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jan 2017 16
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Modulators of Oxidative Stress 2018
(Editors: Luciano Saso, Neda MIMICA-DUKIĆ, Ryszard AMAROWICZ)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
Chitin and Chitosan Derivatives: Biological Activities and Application
(Editor: Már Másson)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Oct 2017 14
Chitosan-Based Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Jyh-Ping Chen)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Sep 2018
COST CM1307: Targeted Chemotherapy towards Diseases Caused by Endoparasites—Proceedings in Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry
(Editor: Thomas J. Schmidt)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 8
Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals
(Editor: Sohrab Rohani)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Mar 2016 7
Current Aspects of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
(Editor: Peter Brust)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jan 2018 10
Cyclodextrin Chemistry
(Editor: Bernard Martel)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Nov 2016 12
Cyclodextrin Chemistry 2018
(Editor: Bernard Martel)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Apr 2018 1
Dendrimers in Medicine
(Editors: Mohammad Najlah, Antony D’Emanuele)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Apr 2018 5
Dendrimers in Medicine and Biotechnology
(Editor: Zofia Urbanczyk-Lipkowska)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Jul 2014 14
Developments in Fragment-Based Lead Discovery
(Editors: Raymond S. Norton, Martin J. Scanlon)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2016 8
Directed Drug Design and Molecular Therapy
(Editor: Mahesh Narayan)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Jul 2018 2
Drug Design and Discovery: Principles and Applications
(Editors: Shufeng Zhou, Wei-Zhu Zhong)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jun 2016 19
Emerging Drug Discovery Approaches against Infectious Diseases
(Editors: Diego Muñoz-Torrero, Kelly Chibale)
Medicinal Chemistry 8 Nov 2017 27
Emerging Topics in (Endo)Cannabinoid Signalling
(Editor: Mauro Maccarrone)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Oct 2018 1
Fabulous Fluorine in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
(Editor: Norio Shibata)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Dec 2018
Focusing on Sulfur in Medicinal Chemistry
(Editor: Thierry Besson)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Apr 2018 8
Frontiers in Antimicrobial Drug Discovery and Design
(Editors: Daniela Barlocco, Fiorella Meneghetti)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Apr 2017 14
Frontiers in Computational Chemistry for Drug Discovery
(Editor: F. Javier Luque)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jun 2018 8
G-Quadruplex Ligands and Cancer
(Editor: Danzhou Yang)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Sep 2018 4
Gene Delivery
(Editor: T.J. Thomas)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 May 2018
GPCR Mechanism and Drug Design
(Editor: Irina S. Moreira)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
Herbal Remedies Meet Modern Day Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities
(Editor: Hala Gali-Muhtasib)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Jul 2017 13
Heterocyclic and Medicinal Chemistry
(Editor: Richard A. Bunce)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 May 2014 6
Hit Generation and Verification for Novel Lead Compounds
(Editor: Jóhannes Reynisson FRSC)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 4
Hyaluronic Acid and its Derivatives for Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Silvia Arpicco)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 4
Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry
(Editor: James W. Leahy)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Aug 2016 10
Kinase Inhibitors
(Editors: Pierre Koch, Stefan Laufer)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Jul 2017 12
Looking Forward to the Future of Heparin: New Sources, Developments and Applications
(Editors: Giangiacomo Torri, Jawed Fareed)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Mar 2017 21
Macromolecules Applied to Pharmaceutics
(Editor: Tommasina Coviello)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2009 12
Medicinal Chemistry in Europe
(Editor: Silvia Schenone *)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jan 2018 9
Medicinal Plants and Diabetes
(Editor: Oluwafemi Oguntibeju)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jul 2018 3
Mesoporous Silica in Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Jessica Rosenholm)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Dec 2017 8
Metal Based Drugs: Opportunities and Challenges
(Editors: Patrick Gamez, Ana B. Caballero)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Jul 2017 11
Metalloenzyme Inhibitors and Activators
(Editor: Claudiu T. Supuran)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2018 5
miRNAs as Probes to Monitor Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disorders
(Editor: Nicola Antonio Colabufo)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2014 16
Modulators of Histone Methylation: A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective
(Editors: Sergio Valente, Rino Ragno)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Jun 2018 1
Molecular Docking in Drug Design
(Editor: Rino Ragno)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Mar 2015 15
Molecular Imaging and Treatment Monitoring of Cancer
(Editor: Samuel Achilefu)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Mar 2018 4
Molecular Imaging Probes
(Editor: Zhen Cheng)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jul 2016 15
Molecular Modeling in Drug Design
(Editors: Rebecca Wade, Outi Salo-Ahen)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 May 2018
Molecules against Alzheimer
(Editors: Michael Decker, Diego Muñoz-Torrero)
Medicinal Chemistry 29 Feb 2016 17
Molecules Mediating Allergic and Autoimmune Inflammation: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Christopher W. K. Lam’s Research Achievements on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday
(Editor: Chun Kwok Wong)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Nov 2016 12
Multicomponent Reaction-Based Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules
(Editors: Diego Muñoz-Torrero, Rodolfo Lavilla, Christopher Hulme)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2017 7
Na/K-ATPase-Mediated Signal Transduction: Emerging Roles in Biology and Prospects as a Therapeutic Target
(Editors: Zijian Xie, Sandrine Pierre)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Dec 2018
Natural Toxins/Molecules (and Derivatives) from Animal Venoms: From Basic Research to Therapeutic Applications
(Editor: Jean-Marc Sabatier)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Oct 2018 4
Neuroprotective Agents
(Editor: Jia Zhou)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Jul 2018 10
Neuroprotective Strategies
(Editor: Katalin Prokai-Tatrai)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Aug 2010 17
New Approaches to Counteract Drug Resistance in Cancer
(Editor: M. Helena Vasconcelos)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Jul 2016 10
New Drug Delivery System
(Editors: Rita Muzzalupo, Lorena Tavano)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Mar 2018 1
Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Nucleic Acid Drugs: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Lihe Zhang on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editor: Zhenjun Yang)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jun 2017 10
Nucleic Acid-based Drug
(Editor: Wai Shiu Fred Wong)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jul 2016 9
Nutraceuticals and Their Medicinal Importance
(Editor: Francesca Giampieri)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Aug 2018 5
Oligosaccharides and Glyco-Conjugates
(Editors: Marco Terreni, Caterina Temporini)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Mar 2014 12
Peptide-Based Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems
(Editors: Paula A. C. Gomes, Stefania Galdiero)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 May 2017 24
Phospholipases and Lipases: Targets for Drug Development
(Editor: Dimitra Hadjipavlou-Litina)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2018 2
Photothermal Agents in Therapy
(Editors: Joan Estelrich, Maria Antònia Busquets)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jul 2018
Polypharmacology and Multitarget Drug Discovery
(Editor: Cornelis J. Van der Schyf)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 May 2017 11
Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals and Their Use in Drug Development
(Editor: Svend Borup Jensen)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 May 2015 10
(Editor: Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jan 2011 50
Protein-Protein Interactions
(Editors: Alessio Ciulli, Carles Galdeano)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Mar 2018 2
Pyrazole Derivatives
(Editor: Wolfgang Holzer)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Nov 2017 9
Recent Advances in the Development of Antiviral Agents
(Editor: Stefano Aquaro)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Aug 2018
Recent Trends on Enzymes Inhibitors and Activators in Drug Research
(Editor: Athina Geronikaki)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Apr 2018 3
Selected Papers from the 46th EuroCongress on Drug Synthesis and Analysis (ECDSA-2017)
(Editors: Atanas G. Atanasov, Josef Jampilek)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Sep 2017 21
Self-Assembled Nanomedicine
(Editor: Atsushi Harada)
Medicinal Chemistry 20 Jul 2018
Stimuli-Responsive Biomaterials in Biomedical Applications
(Editor: Chih-Chang Chu, Rebecca Q. Morgan endowed chair Professor)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Aug 2016 8
Structure-Based Drug Design
(Editor: Claudiu T. Supuran)
Medicinal Chemistry 28 Feb 2010 5
Sugar Substitutes and Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
(Editors: Md. Shahidul Islam, Bettina Karin Wölnerhanssen)
Medicinal Chemistry 31 Mar 2018 2
(Editor: Claudiu T. Supuran)
Medicinal Chemistry 1 Mar 2017 11
Targeted Drug Delivery and Nanocarriers
(Editors: Sanjay Garg, Usha Y Nayak)
Medicinal Chemistry 10 Apr 2018 2
Targeted Prodrugs 2018
(Editor: William Robert Wilson)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2018
The Biomedical Importance of Indoles and Their Derivatives
(Editors: Patrizia Diana, Barbara Parrino)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Nov 2017 4
The Cholinesterases—Structure, Mechanism, Function and Drug Design: The 25th Anniversary of the Solution of the Crystal Structure of Acetylcholinesterase by Joel L. Sussman and Israel Silman
(Editors: Anthony H. Futerman, Yacov Ashani, Gabriel (Gabi) Amitai, Lev Weiner)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Oct 2017 21
Thioredoxin and Glutathione Systems
(Editor: Angela Calderon)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Mar 2015 8
Transcription Factors as Therapeutic Targets
(Editor: Takaomi Sanda)
Medicinal Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 3
Transdermal Delivery Systems: Current Landscape and Trends
(Editor: Yogeshvar N. Kalia)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Sep 2016 8
Xanthones: Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Madalena Pinto on the Occasion of Her 70th Birthday
(Editors: Maria Emília de Sousa, Honorina Cidade, Carlos Manuel Afonso)
Medicinal Chemistry 15 Sep 2018
Antibacterial Materials and Coatings
(Editors: Krasimir Vasilev, Alex Cavallaro, Peter Zilm)
Molecular Diversity 30 Aug 2017 26
Antibacterial Materials and Coatings 2018
(Editors: Krasimir Vasilev, Thomas D. Michl, Alex Cavallaro, Peter Zilm)
Molecular Diversity 30 Nov 2018
Aptamers: Past, Present, and Future
(Editors: Alain O.A. Miller, Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde)
Molecular Diversity 15 Sep 2015 9
Bio and Nanomaterials Based on Fe3O4
(Editor: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Molecular Diversity 31 May 2014 13
Biocatalytic Lignin Modification
(Editor: Anne S. Meyer)
Molecular Diversity 15 Jul 2015 5
Biomaterials and Bioprinting
(Editors: Chee Kai Chua, Wai Yee Yeong, Jia An)
Molecular Diversity 15 Mar 2016 9
Biomolecules Modification
(Editors: Jose M. Palomo, Chris Frost)
Molecular Diversity 10 Apr 2016 7
Boron Nitride: Synthesis and Application
(Editors: Philippe Miele, Samuel Bernard, Zheng Liu)
Molecular Diversity 31 May 2016 5
Carbon Nanotubes: Advances and Applications
(Editor: Saikat Talapatra)
Molecular Diversity 10 Mar 2016 7
(Editor: Peter Willett)
Molecular Diversity 15 Oct 2015 12
Chitin, Chitosan and Related Enzymes
(Editor: Massimiliano Fenice)
Molecular Diversity 15 Dec 2015 7
Chromatographic Separation of Enantiomers: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Stig Allenmark on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editor: Yoshio Okamoto)
Molecular Diversity 15 Oct 2016 20
Enzyme Immobilization
(Editor: Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente)
Molecular Diversity 15 May 2014 24
Enzyme Immobilization 2016
(Editor: Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente)
Molecular Diversity 1 Dec 2016 21
Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
(Editor: Ramon Eritja)
Molecular Diversity 15 Jul 2015 11
Functional Dendrimers
(Editor: Ashok Kakkar)
Molecular Diversity 20 Feb 2016 11
G-protein Coupled Receptor Structure and Function
(Editor: Yung Hou Wong)
Molecular Diversity 31 Jan 2017 7
Glycosaminoglycans and Their Mimetics
(Editor: Vito Ferro)
Molecular Diversity 31 Dec 2014 10
High-throughput Screening
(Editor: Florian Hollfelder)
Molecular Diversity 15 Jan 2010 8
Micro/Nano Fluidics and Bio-MEMS
(Editors: Fan-Gang Tseng, Tuhin Subhra Santra)
Molecular Diversity 20 May 2016 9
Molecular Diversity Feature Papers
(Editors: Derek J. McPhee, Shu-Kun Lin)
Molecular Diversity 31 Oct 2009 7
Molecular Engineering for Electrochemical Power Sources
(Editor: Sergei Manzhos)
Molecular Diversity 10 Oct 2015 7
Nanobiostructures: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Serban Solacolu (1905-1980) - Founder of the Romanian School of Oxide Materials Science and Engineering
(Editors: Ecaterina Andronescu, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Molecular Diversity 30 Sep 2016 5
Nanozymes and Beyond
(Editor: Hui Wei)
Molecular Diversity 30 May 2016 6
New Trends in Cellulose and Chitin Chemistry
(Editor: Jun Araki)
Molecular Diversity 30 Nov 2014 12
Noncovalent pi-Interactions
(Editor: Antonio Frontera)
Molecular Diversity 30 Apr 2015 6
Nucleoside Modifications Printed Edition available
(Editors: Mahesh K. Lakshman, Fumi Nagatsugi)
Molecular Diversity 31 Mar 2015 14
Peptide Chemistry
(Editor: Katrina Jolliffe)
Molecular Diversity 31 Jul 2014 16
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology: Novel Approaches
(Editor: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Molecular Diversity 30 Jan 2016 19
Practical Applications of Metal Complexes
(Editor: Iztok Turel)
Molecular Diversity 15 Jun 2014 15
Single Molecule Techniques
(Editor: Hans-Heiner Gorris)
Molecular Diversity 15 Jun 2014 13
Sulfur Atom: Element for Adaptation to an Oxidative Environment
(Editors: Noriyuki Nagahara, Maria Wrobel)
Molecular Diversity 31 Oct 2014 12
Sulfur Atom: Element for Adaptation to an Oxidative Environment 2016
(Editors: Noriyuki Nagahara, Maria Wrobel)
Molecular Diversity 31 Oct 2016 11
Synthesis of Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Their Derivatives
(Editor: Carlo Siciliano)
Molecular Diversity 31 Aug 2013 12
Antioxidants—A Risk-Benefit Analysis for Health
(Editor: David D. Kitts)
Metabolites 30 Sep 2015 12
Applications of Metabolomics within Natural Products Chemistry
(Editor: Maria Halabalaki)
Metabolites 30 Jul 2015 8
Dietary Bioactive Compounds: Metabolism, Mechanisms and Translational Significance for Health and Prevention of Diseases
(Editors: Emilie Combet, Maria Rosário Bronze)
Metabolites 30 Jun 2015 11
Nitric Oxide (NO) Release Chemistry
(Editor: Claudio Battilocchio)
Metabolites 28 Feb 2015 7
Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions, and Beyond
(Editors: Els Van Damme, Kristof De Schutter)
Metabolites 15 Mar 2015 18
Recent Advances in Plant Phenolics
(Editors: Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, Daniel Jacobo-Velazquez)
Metabolites 15 Oct 2015 22
Redox Active Natural Products and Their Interaction with Cellular Signalling Pathways
(Editor: Claus Jacob)
Metabolites 31 May 2014 11
(Editor: Erkki Kolehmainen)
Metabolites 31 Aug 2013 21
Biomolecular Simulations
(Editor: Roberta Galeazzi)
Theoretical Chemistry 1 Mar 2017 8
Combined Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Methods and Simulations
(Editors: Hai Lin, Donald G. Truhlar)
Theoretical Chemistry 7 Sep 2018
Computational Chemistry
(Editor: Maxim L. Kuznetsov)
Theoretical Chemistry 31 May 2013 12
Computational Design: A New Approach to Drug and Molecular Discovery
(Editors: James W. Gauld, Leif A. Eriksson)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Apr 2016 10
Density Functional Theory and Reactivity Indices: Applications in Organic Chemical Reactivity
(Editors: Luis R. Domingo, FRSC, Alessandro Ponti)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Nov 2016 9
Dynamic Stereochemistry
(Editor: Stig Allenmark)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Nov 2014 13
From Computational Chemistry to Complex Networks
(Editor: Humberto González Díaz)
Theoretical Chemistry 15 Dec 2010 6
In-Silico Drug Design and In-Silico Screening
(Editors: Iwao Ojima, Robert C. Rizzo)
Theoretical Chemistry 31 Mar 2014 13
Multiscale Chemical Modeling Using Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics (QM/MM) Methods: Advances and Applications
(Editor: James W. Gauld)
Theoretical Chemistry 28 Feb 2015 6
QSAR and Its Applications
(Editor: Lim Kok Hwa)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Jun 2012 15
The Molecular Electron Density Theory: A Modern View of Molecular Reactivity in Organic Chemistry
(Editors: Luis R. Domingo, FRSC, Miquel Solà)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Dec 2017 6
Theoretical Excited-State Chemistry: New Developments and Cutting-Edge Applications
(Editors: Lluís Blancafort, Annapaola Migani)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Sep 2018 2
Theoretical Investigations of Reaction Mechanisms
(Editor: Maxim L. Kuznetsov)
Theoretical Chemistry 30 Nov 2018
Catalysis Applied to Biomass—Toward Sustainable Processes and Chemicals
(Editor: Christophe Len)
Green Chemistry 30 Jul 2016 8
Catalysis for Energy Storage and CO2 Conversion
(Editor: Carlo Nervi)
Green Chemistry 15 Oct 2018
Catalysis: Providing Sustainable Solutions to Global Challenges
(Editors: Robert Raja, Matthew E. Potter, Stephanie Chapman)
Green Chemistry 1 Dec 2018
Cellulose Chemical Modifications—Towards Sustainable Materials
(Editor: Janet L. Scott)
Green Chemistry 31 Mar 2018 9
Chemical Transformation of Renewable Material for Green Chemistry
(Editors: Lucia D’Accolti, Angelo Nacci, Caterina Fusco)
Green Chemistry 20 May 2018 4
Chemicals from Biomass
(Editors: James H. Clark, Thomas J. Farmer)
Green Chemistry 20 Dec 2016 7
Efficient Technology for the Pretreatment of Biomass
(Editors: Helene Carrere, Aline Carvalho da Costa, Cigdem Eskicioglu, Ivet Ferrer)
Green Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 2
Enabling Technologies and Green Processes for Biorefinery Strategies and Biomass Valorization
(Editors: Giancarlo Cravotto, Farid Chemat)
Green Chemistry 10 Dec 2015 8
Green and Sustainable Solvents
(Editors: Giancarlo Cravotto, Andrioletti Bruno)
Green Chemistry 15 Oct 2018
Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society (SECAT’17)
(Editors: Salvador Ordóñez, Eva Díaz)
Green Chemistry 30 Sep 2017 5
Natural Polymers and Biopolymers
(Editors: Sylvain Caillol, Guillaume Couture)
Green Chemistry 30 Sep 2017 7
Organic Reaction in Green Solvents
(Editors: Joaquín García Álvarez, Jonathan Sperry)
Green Chemistry 30 Jun 2016 8
Platform Chemical: Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)
(Editors: Michela Signoretto, Federica Menegazzo)
Green Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 2
Sonochemistry and Green Chemistry Applications
(Editor: Gregory Chatel)
Green Chemistry 15 Nov 2016 7
Sub- and Supercritical Fluids and Green Chemistry
(Editor: Yu Yang)
Green Chemistry 30 Apr 2017 13
Advances in Organic Nanophotonics
(Editors: Youngkyoo Kim, Hwajeong Kim)
Photochemistry 30 Nov 2016 5
Artificial Photosynthesis: Recent Progress in Solar Energy Utilization
(Editors: Björn Åkermark, Eric V. Johnston, Markus D. Kärkäs)
Photochemistry 30 Jun 2018 3
Experimental and Computational Photochemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
(Editor: Carlos E. Crespo-Hernández)
Photochemistry 15 Oct 2016 13
Lumino and Fluorophores—Illuminating Science and Technology
(Editors: Gregor Drummen, Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold)
Photochemistry 1 Dec 2018
Nanomaterials for Phototherapeutic Applications
(Editors: Scott Reed, Jung-Jae Lee)
Photochemistry 31 Aug 2018
Organic Light Emitting Diodes
(Editor: Jwo-Huei Jou)
Photochemistry 15 Sep 2016 6
Photoactive Molecules
(Editors: Scott Reed, Marino Resendiz)
Photochemistry 15 Aug 2016 8
Photocatalytic Water Splitting—the Untamed Dream
(Editor: Nick Serpone)
Photochemistry 10 May 2016 6
Photodynamic Therapy
(Editor: Norbert Lange)
Photochemistry 31 Oct 2016 5
Photon-involving Purification of Water and Air Printed Edition available
(Editor: Pierre Pichat)
Photochemistry 10 Jan 2017 18
Adenosine Receptors
(Editors: Francisco Ciruela, Eddy Sotelo)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 May 2017 9
Antimicrobial Peptides and Peptidomimetics
(Editor: Steven L. Cobb)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 May 2018 8
Biology of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Redox Signaling, Metabolic Effects, Cellular Functions and Oxidative Damage
(Editors: Andrey V. Kozlov, Sergey Dikalov)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Jul 2018 2
Biomolecular Catalysts
(Editor: Jose M. Palomo)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Nov 2018
Chemoselective Ligations
(Editors: Olivier Renaudet, Nicolas Spinelli)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 1
Computational Analysis for Protein Structure and Interaction
(Editor: Quan Zou)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Dec 2018 23
Conjugate vaccines from carbohydrate antigens
(Editors: Paul Kovac, Peng Xu, Helene Pfister)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 May 2018
Counteracting Drug Resistant Mechanisms in Cancer
(Editor: M. Helena Vasconcelos)
Bioorganic Chemistry 15 Jan 2018 7
Cyclic Peptides
(Editor: Irene Izzo)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Jul 2018 1
(Editor: Willem van Berkel)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Jan 2018 13
Frontier in Biocatalysis for Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Frank Hollmann, Selin Kara, Caroline E. Paul)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Jul 2018 2
Glycomimetics: Design, Synthesis and Therapeutic Applications
(Editor: Philippe Compain)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jan 2018 7
Isoprenoid Biosynthesis
(Editor: Robert M. Coates)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Apr 2017 8
Lipases and Lipases Modification
(Editor: Colin Barrow)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Aug 2017 21
Liposomes as Drug Carriers
(Editors: Sophia G. Antimisiaris, Spyridon Mourtas)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Jan 2018 4
Melatonin as an Antioxidant and a Functionally Pleiotropic Molecule: Synthesis, Metabolism and Activities in Organisms
(Editor: Dun-Xian Tan)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 36
Membrane Catalysis
(Editor: Raffaele Molinari)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Mar 2016 7
(Editor: Miguel Vázquez López)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Jun 2017 6
Molecular Properties and the Applications of Peptide Nucleic Acids
(Editor: Roberto Corradini)
Bioorganic Chemistry 15 Nov 2017 12
Natural Product Enzymes in Biosynthesis and Biocatalysis
(Editor: Tobias A. M. Gulder)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
NMR as a Tool to Investigate Biomolecular Structure, Recognition and Dynamics
(Editor: Brian F. Volkman)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Jul 2018 1
Novel Multifunctional Ligands and Their Application in Alzheimer's Disease
(Editor: Praveen P. Nekkar Rao)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Sep 2018 2
Nucleic Acid Aptamers
(Editor: Masayasu Kuwahara)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Mar 2018 7
Nucleoside and Nucleotide Analogues
(Editor: Suzanne Peyrottes)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Jul 2017 9
Oligosaccharide Synthesis
(Editor: Mads Hartvig Clausen)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Oct 2018 1
Peptide Therapeutics
(Editors: Fernando Albericio, Beatriz G. de la Torre)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Oct 2017 15
Phospholipids: Structure and Function
(Editor: Mu-Ping Nieh)
Bioorganic Chemistry 1 Nov 2017 7
Polysaccharide-based Materials
(Editor: Jun-ichi Kadokawa)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Mar 2018 12
Protein Modifications and Bioconjugation
(Editors: Zhaohui Sunny Zhou, Litai Jin)
Bioorganic Chemistry 15 Dec 2017 5
Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions
(Editor: Roland J. Pieters)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 May 2017 6
Protein-DNA Interactions: From Biophysics to Genomics
(Editor: Junji Iwahara)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Aug 2018 1
Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase Inhibitors
(Editors: Jeroen den Hertog, Rob M. J. Liskamp)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jan 2018 5
Recent Advances in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
(Editors: Chojiro Kojima, Shang-Te Danny Hsu, Bong-Jin Lee)
Bioorganic Chemistry 31 Jul 2017 17
Recent Development on the New Applications of Aminoglycosides
(Editor: Tom Chang)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 4
Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins--Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Fiorenzo Stirpe
(Editor: Els Van Damme)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Sep 2016 9
Ribozymes and RNA Catalysis
(Editor: Sabine Müller)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Sep 2016 9
Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Downregulators (SERMs and SERDs): New Possibilities in Developing Next Generation Hormone Therapies for Breast Cancer
(Editor: Guangdi Wang)
Bioorganic Chemistry 10 Feb 2018 1
Small Molecule Catalysts with Therapeutic Potential
(Editor: Claus Jacob)
Bioorganic Chemistry 4 Dec 2017 9
Synthesis and Applications of Oligonucleotide Conjugates
(Editor: Harri Lönnberg)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Apr 2017 11
Synthesis and Biological Applications of Glycoconjugates
(Editor: Lothar Elling)
Bioorganic Chemistry 30 Jun 2017 7
Tubulin Inhibitors
(Editor: Wei Li)
Bioorganic Chemistry 20 Dec 2016 6
Base Metal Catalysis and Green Synthesis
(Editor: Xiao-Feng Wu)
Organometallic Chemistry 1 Jun 2018 3
Boron in Catalysis and Materials Chemistry: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Todd B. Marder on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
(Editor: Ashok Kakkar)
Organometallic Chemistry 1 Jun 2020
Ferrocene and Ferrocene-Containing Compounds
(Editor: Petr Štěpnička)
Organometallic Chemistry 1 Aug 2018
Lewis Pair Polymerization for New Reactivity and Structure in Polymer Synthesis
(Editors: Miao Hong, Jiawei Chen, Eugene Y.-X. Chen)
Organometallic Chemistry 15 Jan 2018 11
Main Group Elements in Synthesis
(Editor: J. Derek Woollins)
Organometallic Chemistry 30 Apr 2018 1
Metal Complexes of Biological Ligands
(Editor: Wolfgang Beck)
Organometallic Chemistry 31 Jul 2018 3
Metal Mediated Activation of Small Molecules
(Editor: Maxim L. Kuznetsov)
Organometallic Chemistry 20 Apr 2016 5
Molybdenum-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions
(Editors: Agustín Galindo del Pozo, Francisco J. Montilla Ramos)
Organometallic Chemistry 2 Nov 2018
Organometallic Catalysis for Olefin Polymerization/Oligomerization
(Editor: Kotohiro Nomura)
Organometallic Chemistry 10 Aug 2017 8
Organometallic Catalysis in Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Albert Demonceau, Ileana Dragutan, Valerian Dragutan)
Organometallic Chemistry 28 Aug 2018 4
Palladium Catalysts 2016
(Editors: Diego A. Alonso, Isidro M. Pastor)
Organometallic Chemistry 10 Jul 2016 6
Palladium Catalysts 2018
(Editors: Diego A. Alonso, Isidro M. Pastor)
Organometallic Chemistry 30 Jun 2018 2
Black Phosphorus: Application in Materials Science
(Editor: Xue-Feng Yu)
Inorganic Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
Polyoxometalates and Polyoxometalate-Based Systems
(Editor: Santiago Reinoso)
Inorganic Chemistry 31 Dec 2018
Scorpionate Ligands: Ever-Young Chemistry Tools
(Editors: Carlo Santini, Maura Pellei)
Inorganic Chemistry 31 May 2018
Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding 2018
(Editor: Goar Sánchez)
Physical Chemistry 15 Oct 2018
Open-Shell Systems for Functional Materials
(Editors: Yasutaka Kitagawa, Ryohei Kishi, Masayoshi Nakano)
Physical Chemistry 31 Dec 2018
The Fuzziness in Molecular, Supramolecular, and Systems Chemistry
(Editor: Pier Luigi Gentili)
Physical Chemistry 30 Apr 2019
Vibrational Probes of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
(Editor: Chong Fang)
Physical Chemistry 31 Dec 2018
Advances in Liquid Separation Techniques for Food and Pharmaceutical Analysis
(Editors: Nicola Marchetti, Anna Laura Capriotti)
Analytical Chemistry 31 Aug 2018 6
Analysis of Peptides and Proteins by Electrophoretic Techniques
(Editors: Angela R. Piergiovanni, José Manuel Herrero-Martínez)
Analytical Chemistry 31 Jul 2018 1
Antioxidants Chemistry and Applications
(Editors: María Pilar Almajano, Michael H. Gordon )
Analytical Chemistry 31 Oct 2018
CZE/LC-MS-based Proteomics
(Editor: Zhenbin Zhang)
Analytical Chemistry 31 Oct 2018
Green Analytical Chemistry
(Editor: Joselito P. Quirino)
Analytical Chemistry 15 Apr 2018 2
Innovative Extraction Techniques and Hyphenated Instrument Configuration for Complex Matrices Analysis
(Editors: Marcello Locatelli, Simone Carradori, Andrei Mocan)
Analytical Chemistry 31 May 2018 10
Mass Spectrometric Proteomics
(Editor: Paolo Iadarola)
Analytical Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
Modern Sample Preparation Approaches for Separation Science
(Editor: Nuno Neng)
Analytical Chemistry 30 Nov 2018
New Materials in Microextraction Techniques
(Editors: Rafael Lucena, Soledad Cárdenas , Guillermo Lasarte Aragonés)
Analytical Chemistry 30 Sep 2018
Raman Spectroscopy: A Spectroscopic 'Swiss-Army Knife'
(Editor: Keith C. Gordon)
Analytical Chemistry 15 Dec 2018
Recent Advances in Chiroptical Spectroscopy
(Editor: Reiko Kuroda)
Analytical Chemistry 31 May 2018 2
Recent Advances in the Field of Studies of Food and Beverages
(Editors: Jacek Namieśnik, Justyna Płotka-Wasylka)
Analytical Chemistry 28 Feb 2019
Solid Phase Extraction: State of the Art and Future Perspectives
(Editor: Victoria F. Samanidou)
Analytical Chemistry 30 Sep 2018 4
Trends in Veterinary Drug Analysis: Multiresidue and Omic Approaches
(Editors: Patricia Regal, Carlos M. Franco)
Analytical Chemistry 31 Dec 2018
Biogenic Nanomaterials: Versatility and Applications
(Editors: Clayton Jeffryes, Si Amar Dahoumane)
Nanochemistry 31 Oct 2018
Environmental Nanotechnology
(Editor: Frank Alexis)
Nanochemistry 1 Sep 2018
Graphene Nanocomposites
(Editors: Mo Yang, Xin Zhao)
Nanochemistry 30 Sep 2018
Metallic Nanoparticles: From Synthesis, Structure-Property Relationships to Applications
(Editors: Frederic Lesage, Ashok Kakkar)
Nanochemistry 30 Aug 2019
Nanocatalysts for Sustainable Energy and Environment
(Editor: Timothy T.Y. Tan)
Nanochemistry 31 Mar 2019
Polymeric Fibers: Preparations, Characterizations, and Applications
(Editors: Jianxun Ding, Jin Zhang)
Nanochemistry 31 Oct 2019
Therapeutic Nucleic Acids: Past, Present, and Future
(Editor: Marina A. Dobrovolskaia)
Nanochemistry 15 Nov 2018
Design in Synthetic Biology
(Editors: Jiantao Guo, Wei Niu)
Chemical Biology 1 Aug 2018 2
Functional Roles of Protein O-Glycosylation
(Editors: Franz-Georg Hanisch, Isabelle Breloy)
Chemical Biology 15 Sep 2018
Immunomodulatory Compounds
(Editor: Günter Lochnit)
Chemical Biology 30 Jun 2018
Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy
(Editor: Jörg Fitter)
Chemical Biology 31 Oct 2018
2004 RACI One-day Natural Products Group Symposium 31 Mar 2005 9
Advances in Biodegradable Polymers
(Editor: Marek M. Kowalczuk)
31 Jul 2018 4
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry 2012
(Editors: Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos, Vito Ferro)
30 Jun 2012 15
Advances in Heteroaromatic Chemistry
(Editor: Guy L. Plourde)
31 Dec 2012 7
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry
(Editor: Norbert Haider)
30 Sep 2010 10
Advances in Medicinal Chemistry of Antifungals
(Editor: Malgorzata Kostecka)
30 Oct 2013 9
Advances of Vibrational Spectroscopic Technologies in Life Sciences
(Editor: Christian Huck)
20 Oct 2014 16
Aggregation-Induced Emission: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Ben Zhong Tang’s Research Achievements on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
(Editor: Youhong Tang)
31 Dec 2017 10
Amphiphilic Polymers: Self-Assembly and Applications
(Editor: Zibiao Li)
20 Oct 2018
Anti-Infective Agents
(Editor: Mark Hamann)
31 Mar 2010 5
Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
(Editor: Arduino A. Mangoni)
30 Apr 2013 10
(Editor: Renato Bruni)
31 Aug 2010 38
Antioxidants 2012
(Editor: Dejian Huang)
30 Nov 2012 27
(Editor: Ulrich Jordis)
31 Jul 2011 13
Aporphines and Oxoaporphines
(Editor: Eduardo Sobarzo-Sánchez)
30 Jun 2009 7
Asymmetric Catalysis
(Editor: Takashi Ohshima)
30 Apr 2013 13
Bifunctional Catalysis
(Editor: Takao Ikariya)
15 Oct 2010 8
Bioassay-Guided Isolation of Natural Products
(Editor: Florence K. Gleason)
28 Feb 2013 6
Biological Potential of Marine and Terrestrial Species
(Editors: Paula B. Andrade, Patrícia Valentão)
31 Dec 2018 1
Biologically Relevant Heterocyclic Compounds
(Editor: Lucjan Strekowski)
15 Jan 2004 14
Carbanion chemistry from Carboxylic acids in honor of Prof. Ramón Mestres on his 65th anniversary
(Editors: Margarita Parra-Alvarez, Salvador Gil)
15 Mar 2004 10
(Editor: Hans-Richard Sliwka)
30 Nov 2011 16
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis
(Editor: Michael North)
31 May 2011 8
Catalytic Nucleic Acids
(Editor: Lun-Quan Sun)
31 May 2010 10
Chemical Genetics
(Editor: Richard YT Kao)
31 Aug 2012 5
Chemical Protein and Peptide Synthesis
(Editors: Fernando Albericio, Thavi Govender)
30 Oct 2012 15
Chemical Surface Functionalization
(Editor: Guillaume Delaittre)
31 Oct 2018
Chemicals from Food Supply Chain By-Products and Waste Streams
(Editors: Afroditi Chatzifragkou, Marta Coma)
31 Oct 2018 1
Chemistry of Aerogels and Their Applications
(Editors: Brigitte Jamart-Grégoire, Jacques Bodiguel)
1 May 2018 3
Chiroptical Techniques
(Editor: Stig Allenmark)
15 Dec 2011 5
Chitins and Chitosans
(Editor: Rong-Nan Huang)
31 Mar 2013 16
Coordination Chemistry for Devices and Functional Materials
(Editors: Piersandro Pallavicini, Giacomo Dacarro)
31 Aug 2018 6
Dendrimers: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Donald A. Tomalia on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday
(Editor: Ashok Kakkar)
5 Mar 2018 10
Diversity Oriented Synthesis
(Editor: Peter Wipf)
28 Feb 2011 8
DNA-Templated Synthesis
(Editor: Satoshi Obika)
30 Nov 2011 6
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
31 May 2012 6
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
31 May 2014 5
(Editor: Julio A. Seijas Vázquez)
30 Jun 2017 7
Electronic Structure Calculations Applied to Magnetic Phenomena
(Editor: Jordi Cirera)
31 Jul 2018 1
Fatty Acids
(Editor: Andrew Sinclair)
31 Dec 2013 12
Ferromagnetic Organic Radicals
(Editors: Antonio Alberola Catalan, Jeremy M. Rawson)
1 Sep 2004 9
Flavors and Fragrances
(Editor: Derek J. McPhee)
31 Mar 2013 18
Flow Chemistry
(Editor: Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde)
30 May 2012 7
Fluorophores - The Fluorescent Toolbox in Biological and Biomedical Research
(Editor: Gregor Drummen)
29 Feb 2012 16
From Bioactive Compounds to New Drugs: Commemorative Issue Dedicated to Professor Ernesto Fattorusso (1937-2012)
(Editors: Patrizia Ciminiello, Alfonso Mangoni, Marialuisa Menna, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati)
31 Jul 2018 2
Fullerene Chemistry
(Editor: Kun’ichi Miyazawa)
31 Mar 2012 9
Functional Molecular Materials
(Editors: Shiqiang Bai, David James Young, T. S. Andy Hor)
10 Mar 2018 6
G-Quadruplexes & i-Motif DNA
(Editor: Edwin A. Lewis)
31 Aug 2013 14
Gelatin: Chemistry, Characterization, Application
(Editor: Silvia Panzavolta)
1 Jul 2018
(Editor: Nikolas Pietrzik)
15 Dec 2010 10
Gold Catalysts
(Editor: A. Stephen K. Hashmi)
15 Sep 2011 8
Heparan Sulfate and Heparin: Challenges and Controversies
(Editors: Marco Guerrini, Edwin Alexander Yates)
30 Sep 2018
Heterogeneous Catalysis
(Editor: Eric Guibal)
30 Apr 2013 8
Homogeneous Catalysis
(Editor: Piet W. N. M. Van Leeuwen)
30 Nov 2010 9
Hypervalent Iodine
(Editor: Antigoni Kotali)
30 Jun 2004 18
Interlocked Molecules, Molecular Machines, Motors and Muscles
(Editor: Frédéric Coutrot)
31 Mar 2018 2
Ionic Liquids
(Editor: Werner Bonrath)
29 Feb 2012 25
Ionic Liquids for Chemical and Biochemical Applications
(Editor: Yen-Ho Chu)
15 Aug 2018
Isotope Effects
(Editor: Poul Erik Hansen)
28 Feb 2014 15
Lanthanide Luminescence: Fundamental Research and Applications
(Editor: Svetlana V. Eliseeva)
30 Sep 2017 6
Macrocyclic Chemistry
(Editor: Jurriaan Huskens)
30 Nov 2013 9
Macromolecules Applied to Pharmaceutical Chemistry
(Editor: Claudio J. Salomón)
15 May 2004 11
Metal Organic Frameworks: Synthesis and Application
(Editors: Victoria F. Samanidou, Eleni Deliyanni)
31 Oct 2018
Methods in Polyphenol Analysis
(Editor: Renato Bruni)
30 Nov 2012 6
Molecular Computing and Bioinformatics
(Editors: Xiangxiang Zeng, Alfonso Rodríguez-Patón , Quan Zou)
1 Mar 2019
Molecular Docking/Screening for Food Science
(Editor: Cozzini Pietro)
30 Apr 2018
Molecules for Biotechnologies
(Editors: Giorgia Oliviero, Nicola Borbone)
31 Dec 2018
Multicomponent Reaction
(Editor: Irini Akritopoulou-Zanze)
30 Dec 2012 9
Nano-catalysts and Nano-technologies for Green Organic Synthesis
(Editors: Angelo Nacci, Nicola Cioffi)
30 Apr 2010 11
Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
(Editors: Rongchao Jin, Gang Chen)
31 Jul 2017 5
Natural Polyphenols and Health
(Editors: Margarida Castell Escuer, Mariona Camps-Bossacoma)
31 Dec 2018
Neuroactive Compounds
(Editor: Maurice Tangui)
31 Dec 2010 6
New Trends in Photochemistry
(Editor: Axel G. Griesbeck)
31 Dec 2012 7
NMR of Proteins and Small Biomolecules
(Editor: Oliver Zerbe)
30 Jun 2013 23
Noncovalent Interactions: A Useful Tool for Crystal Design
(Editor: Jorge Echeverría)
30 Sep 2018 2
Nucleic Acid Analogs
(Editor: Lajos Kovacs)
31 Oct 2012 17
Nucleoside Analogues
(Editor: Ramachandra S. Hosmane)
30 Apr 2011 7
Olefin Metathesis and Its Application
(Editor: Anna G. Wenzel)
31 Mar 2012 6
Oligonucleotides Application to Nano- and Biotechnology (DNA Origami, DNA Machine)
(Editors: Shigeki Sasaki, Marcel Hollenstein)
30 Jun 2018
Organic Iodine Chemistry
(Editors: Bimal K. Banik, Hideo Togo)
31 Dec 2009 12
Organometallic Chemistry
(Editor: Brian J. Frost)
30 Apr 2011 8
PET Chemistry in Molecular Imaging
(Editor: Paul Schaffer)
31 Mar 2013 7
Phage Display of Combinatorial Libraries
(Editor: Brendan Patrick Orner)
15 Dec 2010 19
(Editor: David Leo Daleke)
31 Oct 2009 5
Phytochemicals with Signaling, Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties
(Editors: Swee Ngin Tan, Jean W. H. Yong, Liya Ge)
31 Jul 2010 6
Phytochemicals: Analytical and Medicinal Chemistry
(Editor: Christopher W.K. Lam)
31 May 2013 8
Plant Natural Products against Human Parasites
(Editor: Michael Wink)
30 Jun 2013 5
Porphyrin Chemistry 18 Mar 2000 7
Proceedings of the the 4th Young Researcher Meeting, Münster, March 13-14, 2015
(Editor: Thomas J. Schmidt)
30 Jun 2015 9
RACI 2003 symposium
(Editor: Melvyn Gill)
17 Mar 2004 13
RACI Natural Products Group Symposium 31 Dec 2000 8
Radiation Chemistry for New Materials and Applications
(Editors: Melissa A. Denecke, Laura Leay )
20 Jul 2018
Reagents and Methods for Protein Target Identification
(Editor: Nicholas James Westwood)
31 Jul 2013 7
Recyclable and Re-useable Catalysts
(Editors: Sreekantha B. Jonnalagadda, Árpád Molnár, Suresh Maddila)
30 Jun 2018
Ruthenium Complex
(Editors: Albert Demonceau, Ileana Dragutan, Valerian Dragutan)
28 Feb 2014 11
Selected Papers from the “2nd International Conference on Natural Products and Physiologically Active Substances” (ICNPAS-2004) and the 3rd EuroAsian Heterocyclic Meeting “Heterocycles in Organic and Combinatorial Chemistry”
(Editors: Eugene Babaev, Alexey V. Tkachev)
17 Sep 2004 13
Selected Papers from the 10th Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop (CSBW-2017)
(Editors: Amarda Shehu, Nurit Haspel)
20 Dec 2017 8
Selected Papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Chitin Society – 8th Simposio de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Quitina (EUCHIS-SIAQ 2017)
(Editors: Angeles Heras Caballero, Francisca Cabrera-Escribano, Inmaculada Aranaz Corral, Florentina Niuris Acosta Contreras)
15 Oct 2017 5
Selected Papers from the 6th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (6-ICBB 2017)
(Editor: Antonio Trincone)
30 Jul 2018 6
Selected Papers from the 8th Central European Conference ‘Chemistry towards Biology’ (CTB-2016)
(Editors: Josef Jampilek, Atanas G. Atanasov)
30 Sep 2016 18
Selected Papers from the International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science (ISFMS 2002) 1 Jan 2003 26
Selected Papers from the Second CCF Bioinformatics Conference (CBC 2017)
(Editors: Min Li, Quan Zou)
10 Nov 2017 13
Selected Papers from the Second Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic Chemistry: Heterocycles in Organic and Combinatorial Chemistry
(Editor: Eugene Babaev)
13 May 2003 8
Smart and Functional Polymers
(Editors: Jianxun Ding, Yang Li, Mingqiang Li)
30 Nov 2018
Sol-Gel Chemistry. From Molecule to Functional Materials
(Editors: Ahmad Mehdi, Sébastien Clément)
31 Jul 2018
Solvent-Free Synthesis
(Editor: Cynthia Kellen-Yuen)
30 Apr 2012 5
Spiro Compounds
(Editor: Guy L. Plourde)
30 Nov 2012 20
Sulfur-Nitrogen Heterocycles
(Editor: Tomás Torroba)
31 Dec 2004 7
Supramolecular Chemistry and Self-Assembly: Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Itamar Willner on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday
(Editors: Ranjit T. Koodali, Daniel Mandler, Fernando Patolsky)
31 Oct 2017 6
Sustainable Synthesis
(Editor: Wei Zhang)
15 Oct 2018
Synthesis and Chemistry of Chiral Metallocenes 31 May 2005 13
(Editor: Amy B. Howell)
20 Jan 2011 9
(Editor: Alejandro Fernandez Barrero)
30 Nov 2011 17
Tetrel Bonds
(Editor: Steve Scheiner)
30 Sep 2018 1
The Future for Cellulose Nanomaterials
(Editors: Youssef Habibi, Qinglin Wu)
20 May 2018
The Multiple Roles of Fatty Acids
(Editors: Carla C. C. R. de Carvalho, Maria José Caramujo)
31 May 2018 1
(Editor: Thomas Netscher)
30 Nov 2009 10
Zeolites and Related Nanoporous Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications in Catalysis and Green Chemistry
(Editors: Roger Gläser, Nicole Wilde)
31 Oct 2017 18
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