Special Issue "Structure-Property/Activity Modeling of Polyphenols"


A special issue of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067). This special issue belongs to the section "Physical Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry".

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Special Issue Editors

Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Nenad Trinajstic

Department of Physical Chemistry, The Rugjer Boskovic Institute, Bijenicka 54, P.O.Box 102, HR-10002 Zagreb, Croatia
Website: http://tkojetko.irb.hr/znanstvenikDetalji.php?sifznan=1614
Interests: chemical graph theory; combinatorial chemistry; molecular modeling; computational chemistry; Mathematical chemistry
Editorial Advisor
Dr. Dragan Amic

Faculty of Agriculture, The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, P.O. Box 719, HR-31107 Osijek, Croatia
Phone: +38531554814
Editorial Advisor
Dr. Bono Lucic

The Rugjer Boskovic Institute, Bijenicka 54, P.O.Box 102, HR-10002 Zagreb, Croatia

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Polyphenols (flavonoids, phenolic acids etc.) are abundant phytochemicals in human diet, and evidence for their role in the prevention of various diseases such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and cancer is emerging. Mechanisms involved in the health-promoting activities of these compounds are far from clear.

The goal of this special issue is to present novel results about structure-activity relationships (SAR) and quantitative structure-activity (property) relationships (QSAR/QSPR) of polyphenols, which may help in resolving the mode of actions of these food phenolics. They may also help in the design of new and efficient polyphenols, which could be used as potential therapeutic agents.

With best regards,
Prof. Dr. Nenad Trinajstic
Guest Editor

Leading Papers and Reviews

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  • QSAR
  • SAR
  • QSPR
  • modeling
  • molecular descriptors
  • polyphenols
  • flavonoids
  • coumarins
  • chalcones
  • structure-activity/property relationship
  • antioxidant activity
  • free redical scavenging
  • enzyme inhibition

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