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Advances in Heme Proteins
(Editor: Emily Weinert)
31 May 2016
Bacterial RNA Polymerase
(Editors: Sivaramesh Wigneshweraraj, Deborah M. Hinton)
31 January 2015 9
Cancer and Glycosylation
(Editor: Franz-Georg Hanisch)
31 March 2016 1
Challenges in Glycan, Glycoprotein and Proteoglycan Research
(Editor: Hans Vliegenthart)
31 May 2015 27
Chromosome Duplication and Maintenance
(Editors: Susan L. Forsburg, David M. Gilbert)
31 August 2016
DNA Damage Response
(Editors: Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Thomas Helleday, Fumio Hanaoka)
30 June 2015 32
DNA Methylation and Cancer
(Editors: Gerda Egger, Melanie R. Hassler)
30 August 2016
Enzymes and Their Biotechnological Applications Print Edition available
(Editor: Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
30 June 2013 21
Exploring the Mechanisms by which α-Synuclein Kills Cells in Parkinson Disease
(Editor: Stephan N. Witt)
15 March 2015 14
Feature Papers
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
31 December 2011 12
Focus Update in Biomolecules
(Editor: Jürg Bähler)
30 December 2013 6
Function and Structure of RNase P in Fungi, Bacteria and Human Cells
(Editor: Denis Drainas)
31 January 2016 3
Gene Editing
(Editor: Eric B. Kmiec)
29 February 2016
(Editor: Rhodri Ceredig)
31 October 2014 6
Metal Binding Proteins
(Editor: Eugene Permyakov)
31 January 2014 12
Multi-Organ Alcohol-Related Damage: Mechanisms and Treatment
(Editors: Natalia Osna, Kusum Kharbanda)
31 August 2015 27
Oxidative Stress and Oxygen Radicals
(Editors: Michael Breitenbach, Peter Eckl)
31 December 2014 17
Proteasomes and Its Regulators
(Editors: Olivier Coux, Michael H. Glickman)
31 March 2014 17
Protein Crystallography 2016
(Editor: Dilano K. Saldin)
30 September 2016
Protein Folding and Misfolding
(Editor: Alexeii Finkelstein)
27 December 2013 22
Protein SUMOylation
(Editor: Seth Blackshaw)
28 February 2012 8
RNA-Binding Proteins—Structure, Function, Networks and Disease
(Editor: André P. Gerber)
31 March 2015 22
Role and Regulation of Glutamate Metabolism
(Editor: Kenneth E. Miller)
31 August 2015 6
Sphingolipids and Bioactive Lipids
(Editors: Yusuf A. Hannun, Cungui Mao, Chiara Luberto)
31 May 2013 7
Tau Protein and Alzheimer’s disease
(Editors: Claude M. Wischik, Charles Harrington)
31 October 2015 6
Transcriptional Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Genes
(Editor: Ivana Vancurova)
30 April 2015 15
tRNA Modifications: Synthesis, Function and Beyond
(Editor: Valérie de Crécy-Lagard)
31 December 2016
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