Brewing and Craft Beer

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September 2019
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Beer is a beverage with more than 8000 years of history, and the process of brewing has not changed much over the centuries. However, important technical advances have allowed us to produce beer in a more sophisticated and efficient way. The proliferation of specialty hop varieties has been behind the popularity of craft beers seen in the past few years around the world. Craft brewers interpret historic beer with unique styles. Craft beers are undergoing an unprecedented period of growth, and more than 150 beer styles are currently recognized.

This Special Issue, Brewing and Craft Beer, comprises nine different works by researchers from five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania). This Special Issue reflects thus a broad perspective on the most important questions that concern the researchers in different parts of the world.

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barley milling; wet milling; brewing technology; granulometry; beer wort; foamability; audible sound; brewing; carbonation; fermentation; craft beer; polyphenols; bitterness; preference; sensory attributes; beer; adjuncts; fermentation rate; germ; nutrient; FAN; Safrari; coffee; lactose; stout beer; sensory evaluation; beer acceptability; machine learning; robotics; fast-screening; automation; craft beer; local value chain; economic contribution analysis; beer; computer vision; image analysis; quality; craft beer; bottle refermentation; AEDA; short-chain fatty acids; beer aging; n/a

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