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Advances in Microfluidic Devices for Cell Handling and Analysis
(Editor: Abel Martin Gonzalez Oliva)
25 March 2016
Building by Self-Assembly
(Editor: Massimo Mastrangeli)
31 December 2015
Centrifugal (Compact-Disc) Microfluidics for Extreme POC
(Editor: Marc Madou)
30 November 2015
CMOS-MEMS Sensors and Devices
(Editor: Ching-Liang Dai)
31 August 2015
Droplet Microfluidics: Techniques and Technologies
(Editors: Andrew deMello, Xavier Casadevall i Solvas)
31 July 2015 2
Glass Micromachining
(Editor: Rolf Wuthrich)
28 February 2016
Implantable Microsystems
(Editor: Kenichi Takahata)
29 February 2016
Magnetic MEMS
(Editor: Stephanus BĆ¼ttgenbach)
31 December 2015
Micro/Nano Devices for Chemical Analysis
(Editors: Manabu Tokeshi, Kiichi Sato)
20 March 2016
Micro/Nano Photonic Devices and Systems
(Editor: Pei-Cheng Ku)
30 September 2015
Micro/Nano Robotics
(Editors: Toshio Fukuda, Mohd Ridzuan bin Ahmad, Yajing Shen)
31 October 2015
Microfluidic Bioreactors and Organ-on-Chip Devices for Drug Screening and Disease Modeling
(Editors: Nam-Trung Nguyen, Seyed Ali Mousavi Shaegh)
25 April 2016
Micromixer & Micromixing
(Editor: Yong Kweon Suh)
30 June 2015 6
(Editor: Behraad Bahreyni)
31 January 2016
Mind-Controlled Robotics
(Editor: Dean M. Aslam)
30 June 2015 2
NEMS and MEMS Packaging and Reliability
(Editor: Mustafa Yavuz)
30 November 2015
Optical Microsystems
(Editor: Franck Chollet)
31 October 2015 1
Optofluidics 2015
(Editors: Shih-Kang Fan, Da-Jeng Yao, Yi-Chung Tung)
31 October 2015
Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
(Editor: Sergey S. Shevkoplyas)
31 October 2015
Piezoelectric MEMS
(Editors: Meiling Zhu, Nathan Jackson)
30 September 2015
Recent Advances in Smart System
(Editors: Her-Terng Yau, Chien-Hung Liu)
31 December 2015
Selected Papers from the 10th Annual IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (IEEE NEMS 2015)
(Editors: Wen Jung Li, Ting-Hsuan Chen)
30 June 2015
Sensors and Systems for Medical Applications and Personal Health Monitoring
(Editors: Kazunori Hoshino, Emmanuel Quevy)
15 December 2015 1

Topical Collections - Micromachines

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(Collection Editor: Jeong-Bong Lee)
Laser Micromachining and Microfabrication
(Collection Editor: Maria Farsari)
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